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The Foundry of Tomorrow (standard:science fiction, 2448 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jan 18 2015Views/Reads: 956/739Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Written in HS Lit class, a story about the evolution of life of a Machine

The Foundry of Tomorrow 

It is here in the silence of the icy depths of space that a large ball
of rock spins and circles a distant star. This the last known outpost 
of man's world before he travels outward into space where only stars 
and an airless void cascade into infinity in all directions. 

Amidst the large galaxy of Orion, far past the large sprawling circular
cluster of stars known as the Milky Way a large spaceport and city is 
here, thriving and sprawling upon the rocky, airless world as it 
circles the K-class star. It is on this airless world, in a solar 
system unlike Sol that this unformed moon serves as a mining colony, 
contained by pressure domes, accessible by space ships that sit on the 
landing pads or in large landing bays. The colony has large glass 
windows, and machinery that make up this compact world. In the largest 
dome, deep underground that a great machine stands, living and 
breathing for a world that relies on its operation, or exit their 
meager lives to the airless void outside. It is on this moon that spins 
in the depths of space, around the gas giant that it orbits, making up 
the home for humans in deep space. 

The large green superstructure that makes up this machine stands in the
center of a great dome, standing here for now two centuries now, the 
center of the action above one of the great casinos. It processes the 
ore that is mined on the planet, loading onto the ore ships that truck 
it off into deep space and it controls life support on this colony. 
This great machine is a mass of green pipes, catwalks, pulleys, 
lighting, heating, recycling, crushing units and conveyor belts above 
the power reactor. It is designed at the old silver mining process 
plants in Nevada during the ancient centuries past, and yet in 
comparison, much more complex than those ancient times. The tower 
itself stands over fifty feet in height, and over has a diameter of 
twenty-five feet across, not including the large building on the right 
of the machine. A large flywheel is attached to the building, and a 
huge arm runs the wheel that attaches up by a large belt to other 
wheels and across to the machine's main pulley. The building itself is 
that of the ancient machine rooms containing the large machines that 
used to drive with large complex machines the flywheel attached to the 

Below the machine, protected by the force shields put into place, is the
casino area that surrounds this processing system. Located under the 
legs of the machine is the main bar of the casino and elevator between 
the upper and lower floors. It is a rather plush and secluded bar, with 
plush dark chairs, small tables nearest to the casino action, and on 
the forward two legs, the bar stretches out between them.  Around it, 
the casino is located here with bright neon and lights that twinkled 
brightly to bring the tourists in.  Located above the casino, a large 
mezzanine deck stretches an equivalent of three city blocks of an 
ancient Earth city, connecting the several towers that mark this 
resort, connecting the lodgings for the people who live, work and visit 
here. It connects the three casinos, many shopping areas, dining, and 
the circus type mezzanine that stands under a great pressure dome 
located on the far end of this entertainment deck. 

Starting on the southern end, the entry area for the one hotel stands,
and the mezzanine deck is graced with a large fountain that dominates 
the beginning of this deck that resembles that of the ancient Greek 
Legends of Mermaids, Mermen, and the ancient gods of Earth so long ago. 
The water splashes along pools into a main pool at the bottom, 
surrounding the huge statues that are incorporated into the pools.  A 
stairwell and escalator lead up five steps into a larger hallway 
chamber, and located around the fountain, on the far end is one of the 
fine restaurant/bar that serve fine cuisine. At the top of the stairs, 
through yet another arch into a secondary chamber, a large corridor 
sprawls out into another chamber, it is here that another restaurant is 
located on the left, a brewery type array, surrounded by more of the 
casino area that is placed here for tourists traveling between the 
three hotel casinos.  Walking further toward the main dome, shopping 
and dining are located here around the machine, overlooking the casino 
below.  Also a large hallway exits the chamber on the far side of the 
machine that leads ominously toward the launch bay and space port where 
the many passenger ships dock, brining the people to this place. 

The large corridor passes the bar attached to the machine, and passing

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