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Dark Caste Mud Article (standard:other, 821 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jan 25 2015Views/Reads: 1154/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An old school text game from the 90's that has survived almost 20 years and is still ready to play. This is about its offerings and players.

There is a place that old time gamers hang out, a long time now over
fifteen years this place has existed. It is a MUD, a Multi-User 
Dimension.  It is first of many of this called a DIKU mud and its 
derivatives that were invented back in the 80's and 90's from the 
Mainframe Computing days.  A place for home for so many who have served 
on its text bound screens and descriptions. Alas so much like a writer 
who puts to words on paper this puts the words to screen in a series of 
rooms, making up a vast array of a mystical land. A land that can be 
utilized like a story-book and played like the old-fashioned Advanced 
Dungeons and Dragons Game, but with only one difference, there is no 
dice. It is located on a port and a server all its own, placed there 
according to programming, and is the first of a series of many MUDS and 
its derivatives, known as MUCKS, MUSHES, and Moo, starting on the 
Bulletin Board Craze in the 1990's . One could be whisked mystically 
away from one land into the next with a series of moves (or steps) 
using their character in an adventure solo or with others. 

It offers a fully detailed and highly developed play run system, a
Metaphysician where attributes and upgrades can be purchased. It also 
offers an array of many items, mobs, areas and storylines. The Mud has 
a variety of well developed, races and classes (including Monk, Bard, 
Druid, Paladin, Barbarian, Warrior, Cleric, Mage, and Anti–Paladin). 
There are professions and character specializations, an all-original 
Casino with odds and rules. Also it offers an automated Quest system 
for the adventurous types.  Dark Castle offers a leader board to 
compare to the other players online. It has a flexible unique combat 
system, (full of gore and mayhem) with real killing possibilities for 
the clever and organized.  Free Player Vaulting for storage for saving 
and sharing the loot. Comprehensive help files for veteran and new 
players. It has interactive and constantly evolving world that is ever 

It is also not without politics in the implementers and Clan system. In
which there is a lot of disorganization and singling out of people and 
clans who log to have fun. Atypical that is found when you are dealt 
with long term operation and lack of leadership to show the way. It is 
also problematic as rules that are fully defined are “Bent” to give 
advantage to certain clans and personnel. Unfortunately Dark Castle in 
the last fifteen years of its existence has survived 3 player-wipes, 
and evolved beyond its programming. It has had however more than a half 
dozen turnovers of leadership as well making it very corrupted with 
greed among the leadership that give advantages instead of the 
un-biased environment that was its original conception. 

It is worth while to play, but there are two implementations of it
currently. If one is willing to learn the game, I recommend the 23 or 
6666 port (telnet where multi-playing is allowed where you 
can run up to six connections concurrently.  You have a better chance 
to learn the game, and understand the mechanics of Dark Castle from 
which it is designed. You have an ability to reach the maximum level of 
60 on this port and have assistance by a few remaining clans who 
currently still connect, in addition to the help files. Keep in mind 
that there IS full player combat however that is found on both ports 
that is legal according to the rules of Dark Castle Mud. 

The other port 6969 is no multi-playing and is at this moment subject to
the corruption and bias currently found on this game. All good fair 
play is reduced and it is very hard to get anywhere while playing on 
this port.  There is bullying, hazing and other problems that are 
outside the rules and parameters of the game. It is not recommended for 
new users to play this port.  It is a very difficult port to play on 
and start out with no learning curve involved for understanding the 
game.  It is mostly for advanced players who have been around the mud 
systems for a very long time. 

Also available are telnet clients CMUD, Wintin 95, Tintin which offer
scripting and automation of game (such as looters and corpse removal 
also spells and grouping capabilities) It is highly recommended you use 
a client for this mud in order to benefit from the full enjoyment of 
the game with no restrictions. 

Operational data: 

Address Port 23 or 6666 for newbie port 6969 for advanced
port. Website is 

We currently are seeking new players for 23 6666 port for people who are
interested in 0ld school text adventuring and gaming. Assistance is 
available for those who wish to give it a try . 

Hope to see you there. 


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