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The Abduction of shuttle 367 (standard:science fiction, 4843 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Mar 05 2015Views/Reads: 880/625Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inspired on Hubble Pic: A story of an Earth Science vessel exploring unknown galaxy runs into aliens and some of the crew become prisoners.

“Shuttle 167, to control, we are ready to depart.” 

”Yea, Yea, just hold your horses... we have another shuttle coming in on

“Copy that...” 

A lone shuttle sat on the flight deck of the shuttle bay aboard the
U.S.S. Repulse, a science vessel sent from Earth, to study the galaxy 
known simply as four eleven. The galaxy itself is equivalent in size, 
or slightly smaller than the Milky Way, and they had scanned only 
twenty-five or so solar systems that ranged from several different 
classes of systems and planets located here.  The Repulse would be the 
first Federation ship to remain in this area, as a scout to explore the 
many solar systems that had been located here. It would also explain 
the disappearance of over twenty vessels of the Earth Federation that 
had vanished without a trace in this area, before it was cordoned 
off-limits by the Earth Council.  As the shuttle sat there, another 
ship loomed overhead, hitting its retro thrusters and slowly landed on 
the flashing symbol marked on the deck of the ship. 

Besides the twenty missing vessels, however, galaxy four-eleven that it
was relatively unexplored, and even more troublesome. As far as Earth 
was concerned, too many ships were being lost in this sector for 
strange reasons, either by radio black outs, disappearances, or maybe 
even hostile attacks, and it was the Repulse's job to figure it out. 
Earth was counting on the aging relic of a science vessel, known to the 
crew as “The Bucket”, to complete that mission and double, if not 
triple check everything in this galaxy, every solar system that they 
had detected here. The crew who mans the Repulse is no strangers to 
being sent to far out of the way places, described by the crew as the 
rear entry of space, but they understood they had a job to do despite 
the chatter among Headquarters, and the higher ups on Earth for the 
choice made to lead the expedition. 

As the small craft sat in the launch tube, Commander Deek Baker, and
Lieutenant Omara Sherith are the only occupants of the shuttle. 
Otherwise the ship has been converted into a flying science center, 
with a whole series of computer equipment and sensory equipment for 
this mission. 

As for the crew, Deek Baker is about thirty one years of age, tall,
muscular, vital active man with long brown hair, falling in confused 
curls around his face, a round but square jawed face, and cold gray 
eyes. He is in command of the mission, put in charge by the Captain 
himself of the Repulse, a flight he really didn't want to make. It is 
because of study is Astro-Biology, and Life Sciences that had qualified 
him greatly as the pilot for the shuttle, but he is a troubled officer 
with a shaded past, and career of nothing but trouble. 

His companion is Omara Sherith, she is from India on Earth, the exact
state is hard to tell, as they had been in civil war since the late 
twenty-first century, but she joined the Earth Federation as a Star 
Navigator, and Scientist to study the features of space.  She is 
educated, holding three P.H.D Degrees in the science field, and a 
Master's degree in Communications. Her education and knowledge for the 
Repulse's mission had been useful from their departure from Earth, 
making her quite valuable up until finding the same kind of trouble as 
Deek. Omara is short, with short black hair, a round face with a dark 
complexion and black eyes. She wears a simple tunic of the Earth 
Federation Science Division, and at her side she wears a ceremonial 
dagger, a gift from her mayor of her city, when she volunteered for 
this mission, but she had not expected to be put on a bucket like the 
aging Repulse either. 

The trouble for the pilot and co-pilot also, is they hated each other's
guts with a passion, being off and on lovers for most of this mission. 
She was abusive to him and demanding, he was laid back and relaxed, 
never following regulations. They fought constantly on and off the 
ship.  How they were put together for this mission was questionable, 
but it was one that required their unique skills and the Captain, less 
than happy with the choices had assigned the “Battling Bickersons” to 
the job, as he nicknamed them from an old style radio show from the 
twentieth century. Their relationship was not a secret on the ship. In 
fact, it was talked about regularly, as the hind end of a party pun or 

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