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The City o the Edge of Infinity (standard:science fiction, 4429 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Mar 31 2015Views/Reads: 797/765Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on picture, a city in chaos on a colony across the Milky Way, and it is going to take Veterans to face the terrorist organization DOOM and protect the capital city from destruction by the group.

The City on the Edge of Infinity. 

By Nathaniel Miller ©2015 

A large city stands on the edge of the sea on Artus One, a class M
planet, located in a system nine point six light years from Sol, and 
the new station for Earth and Sol as a colony. It is on the other side 
of the Milky Way Galaxy in which this galaxy had been found with the 
third generation of Hubble telescope in the year 2189. It had only 
taken man-kind over a hundred years, to perfect the Hubble telescope, 
having observed many solar systems until in the fifty years that Earth 
had entered the twenty-second century, a science vessel was finally 
dispatched by the Earth Federation in the year 2253 to investigate. The 
planet was colonized in the year 2283, and a colony for the last 
twenty-years standing. 

The planet itself is class M, in an ‘A' Class solar system with a dim
star, two thirds as powerful as SOL. Not very bright, but it has enough 
energy to light the planet. It is one of three planets in this cluster 
around the dwarf star that lights the system. The difference here is 
that each planet is in a close orbit to Artus one. Planet one is Class 
M planet and similar to Earth, with a slightly thinner atmosphere, 
making it Temperate to Tropical throughout the planet, even at the 
poles. On the planet there are several large continents like Earth, and 
each one has multiple cities on them, established by Earth. 

The largest city is New New York. Big deal... It is a city of low lives,
just as dirty, infected, and just as crime laden as the one on Earth. 
It is a place where it has more crime and corruption now, than the city 
on Earth that it was named. The only difference this is on a world far 
away from SOL, Earth, and practically clear across the Milky Way.  The 
crimes of murder, rape, and major crime for the massive city is higher 
than the original city that it is named, and is just as dangerous, if 
not doubly dangerous than the original. My name is Simon De'Quan. I 
drive a cab. 

Today is another day on Artus one, living the dream in the city that I
had been suckered to come here to. Far away from the polluted, 
overcrowded Earth, and one of many colonies established throughout our 
Galaxy that we had discovered way back in the Twenty-First Century. 

I glanced at the paper, sitting on the seat with me, and adjusted my
jacket, and sipped at the soda in the drink holder of my Cab. 

“Planetary population expands again! Another estimated three million
more colonists to arrive on Artus One in five years.” 

“Gee ain't that grand, and most of them probably the aliens that have
come from planets within the Federation to live on Earth.” I thought, 
turning the page in disgust as I took a determined sip of my soda. I 
scanned the obituaries quickly, and shook my head. 

“Nope... Still not in there.” I murmured, “Wishful thinking, not.” 

I turned the page again, and this time an article in the paper caught my
eye. ‘Locnar discovered in desert.' I grinned at the article, peering 
at the picture of a bald-headed, goatee clad face of an aging relic of 
a scientist, and a cute tomato standing next to him. 

I thought back to something that was still popular even in this day in
age, a movie back from the twentieth century called ‘Heavy Metal' and I 
thought of the first story in the movie. I managed a laugh. 

“Yea right...” I muttered, “Only in the movies.” 

The next story was about a missing Heiress who had been abducted from
Earth and brought to this shit-hole, being held for ransom. I turned my 
head to a tap on the window. 

“Hey you free?” A harsh voice said, and I turned my head to nod in

“Yeah hop in.”  I said to the kid, glancing at him silently. He is about
six foot two, thin, muscular, and he is decked out in leather from head 
to toe, wearing combat boots on his feet. He had a Mohawk and an 

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