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The Galactic Empire Chronicles - Episode 2 (standard:science fiction, 6445 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: May 02 2015Views/Reads: 922/593Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Departure to Destiny. A sequel to the first story written for the game on a Major BBS in the 90's in a pseudo serial format.

The Galactic Empire Chronicles By: Nathaniel Miller Departure to
Destiny. Copyright © 2002 

The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light,
uncountable stars in the deep darkness, and with dying and forming 
stars abounds with many life forms.  Yes, space is alive. The entire 
universe, our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with 
many such life forms. They are filled with many that love, aspire and 
fight in war, and there are others that are peace loving. The speck 
that makes up our Earth is one such place, a place where wars have come 
and gone, leaving their mark. A solar system named “Sol” resides in a 
mere corner of this huge galaxy known as the Milky Way and in one of 
seventy such systems located here. In this solar system, located in 
this part of the large galaxy, that nine planets orbit the single 
life-giving star. On the third planet of the system, an insignificant 
body really, called Earth, lives an advanced civilization known as 
human kind. 

It is outside the Sol system, however, that a large fleet hovers here,
moving at slow speed in formation, toward the Sol Solar system. 
Attached to a large bulky craft, a class of tender ship, that a smaller 
craft called the Magellanic Clouds, a Star Cruiser class starship hangs 
from the bottom of it by a docking clamp.  It is the very ship that had 
been hell and back, managing to survive a Cybertron ambush and luckily 
managed to escape with only moderate damage and casualties. Now it 
hangs from the tender, taking on provisions and an army of repair teams 
fix the ship before it returns to Earth per its orders. 

On board the Clouds, Captain T'Larra again sits in her usual place, the
command chair, gazing at her shipmates as they make final preparations 
to get underway and detach from the tender ship. Slowly, she spun her 
chair left then to right, glancing at each station, the crew working 
with tender personnel, repairing the systems on the bridge. 

“Status report?” 

“All systems functional, crew is making final preparations to get
underway for Earth.”  Felonious replied, turning his head toward the 
command chair. Ihsss glanced at his First Officer/Science Officer, and 
she nodded slightly to him. 

“Helm?” Ihsss questioned. 

“Helm ready.” Veloxa said aloud, but under his breath sotto voice,
“Helmsman, ready than he'll ever be.”  Beside him, Thyrac, his mate 

“Navigation ready, for all modes of flight, course plotted for Earth.”
Thyrac reported. 

“Weapons Defense console repaired, shields recharged, all weapons
functional.” A voice spoke up, and Ihsss glanced at the young humanoid 
named Kwai Mao who manned the station. She managed a grin and a nod. 

“Well done to all hands.” She told them, “for tending to and all hands
taking part in our swift repair.” The reptilian captain hit the button 
on her chair. 


“Engineering, Aye Ma'am.”  The accented voice of the Engineer replied. 

“Status report.”  Ihsss asked, “How long until we can get under way?” 

“Pylon repaired, we are capable for all modes and warp capacities.”
Voloxa reported, “Engineering standing by. We can leave anytime.” 

“Very well.” 

“You have all done an excellent job for such a short flight,” Ihsss
announced, “Hopefully our next adventure together will be a little more 
routine.” Here she paused. 

“Stations,” She ordered, hitting the intercom switch, “All hands prepare
for departure.” 

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