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The Galactic Empire Chronicles - Episode 1 (standard:science fiction, 7748 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: May 03 2015Views/Reads: 824/626Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Episode 1: The Arrival. A pseudo series written for an online BBS game played in the 90's.

The Galactic Empire Chronicles By: Nathaniel Miller The Beginning --
Copyright © 1993 

Captain's Log: Stardate 3423.4 U.S.S. Magellanic Clouds on training
mission to Alfa II Galaxy. Sector 920 at coordinates 34, 12, and 78. 
All systems are normal and functioning. 

Commander Ihsss T'Larra, in her familiar place at the Communications
console, panned a speculative glance to each station at the trainee 
crew who staffed the bridge of the U.S.S. Magellanic Clouds. The 
trainee crew mixed one at each station, beside an experienced 
crewmember, mans the bridge of this starship, doing the job assigned to 
them for this routine training mission. It is a good crew and they have 
done well during this mere training cruise. They have performed 
excellently, their handling of the ship, and the routine operations 
aboard her during this assignment. The most able of them is a young 
Lieutenant, a human woman named Sibrina Rodriguez who now occupies the 
captain's chair. 

Ihsss T'Larra, the true captain of the Clouds had expected good things
from her, that she is quite young for her rank and yet she enhanced her 
natural aptitude with an inexhaustible capability for hard work.  The 
Captain of the Clouds had sponsored her in the academy and Sibrina in 
return had not disappointed the reptilian communications officer by 
becoming the top of her class in the academy. She is a competent, 
young, fledgling officer who is on her first assignment to a Starship. 

Captain T'Larra listened to the cool narration of the captain's log as
the young human narrated it, sitting in the command chair. Sibrina, the 
training cruise captain of the Clouds, completed the report and filed 
it.  If the young human woman was nervous-and Ihsss knew she would be- 
that Sibrina concealed her feelings well for the situation here. She 
had never commanded a starship before in real life, only in the 
simulation tests that tested the reaction of the crew to many 
scenarios.  It was only natural for her to feel anxiety, drawing a post 
of such importance on a training assignment and yet on any other 
occasion if she were assigned to a starship, Sibrina would be at the 
Science console or the Navigation console. They were her strengths and 
positions she fully qualified for and was well versed. 

“It is a good start to a prospecting young officer's career to be
selected captain for a training mission.” Thought the reptilian 
captain, and secretly hoped to see Lieutenant Rodriguez succeed in her 
career with The Earth Defense Alliance.  “And a name worth remembering 
for the promotion lists too.” She thought and nodded in approval. 

Around the bridge sitting at each station, the many officers of the
Magellanic Clouds, Ihsss' friends, sat in their familiar positions on 
board the Star Cruiser Class Starship. Veloxa Bzzzarti and Thyrac 
Antilles, two insect-like beings called Veloxi, sat at their familiar 
places at the Helm and Navigation stations on the bridge.  Felonious 
Caitlin, of a highly advanced feline race sat at his familiar position 
at the Science console. Voloxa Xerz, another insect person sat at the 
Engineering console on the bridge. (Usually he was found below as the 
Chief Engineer). Captain T'Larra, for this mission, usually sitting in 
the command chair, operated the communications station with her 
daughter Hi'Mthsss T'Larra. 

Each of the experienced crew who staffed this ship has trainees under
their command for this mission, except Felonious, who sat monitoring 
their progress at his console. This crew is one of the veteran crews, 
working on its eleventh year as one of the finest crews in the Star 
Cruiser community in The Earth Defense Alliance.  As for this crew, 
their backgrounds are simple. This crew is made up and are refugees 
from their own worlds scattered through their section of the universe. 
A crew of many races who had been outcast, or displaced after their 
planets had been invaded, conquered, or destroyed by the Cybertron 
Empire. Ihsss and her daughter's planet had been no exception, one of 
many invaded. The only difference for Ihsss and her crew, however, is 
their displacement had been voluntary. Ihsss and about fifty others had 
rose up against their persecutors, storming the space port, and 
stealing a ship to rocket into space. They had managed to evade the 
planetary defenses, and had traveled into deep space to travel within 
its infinite void to work as free traders among peaceful planets far 
from their homes. 

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