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The Entity of Castle Brook Close (standard:horror, 4426 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 08 2015Views/Reads: 879/559Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A possession of an apartment building in London, leads police to a blood fest of fifty murdered people in which they must exorcise to destroy it before it destroys the city.

The Entity of Castlebrook Close. 

It is a house like any other, standing in the city of London, located in
the many modest class sections of the city, and off the narrow dead-end 
street known as Castlebrook Close. It a street that connects the main, 
sprawling street of Brook Drive, (east to west) that runs along the 
street of flats to end at Churchyard Row on one end and continues on to 
the west toward the Imperial Museum, and Mary Harmsworth Park off of 
Kennington Road in Central London. 

The building itself is a three story high-rise, that towers on the
skyline of the other buildings located in this part of town, and it is 
one that is abandoned. It is due to be renovated and many have tried to 
start to demolish the building, only to be driven away by something 
sinister and evil within the walls of the home before them. Some say it 
was haunted, others say that it was possessed, and some have spoken of 
evil things that had happened in this home a long time ago. All the 
claims have been unconfirmed, but there has been one thing that has 
been confirmed, that it has had deaths. Over fifty people have entered, 
but only two have emerged, exiting the building in an unsettled state. 

Outside the building looks normal, as any high-rise would. It has a
simple art-deco entrance, a rounded doorway and windows, sunken in the 
brick building and a shapely brick design that makes the entry appear 
almost human. The grounds are empty and barren, with a fenced area on 
one side and a grass area on the other side. There is an inner side of 
this building, designated for more for parking of vehicles next to the 
entryway. The buildings that also connect the area around it are 
abandoned, also to be renovated. The buildings themselves were built a 
long time ago, in the late fifties, during the Korea War Era and were 
long over due for a remake and renovation. 

Constable Brent Mac Niadah looked up at the abandoned building as he
walked toward it this evening, reporting for duty to keep people away, 
as they investigated, what people said was a Homicide, committed in 
this building. He is a middle-aged young man in his mid to late 
thirties, rather tall, quite lean, with sandy-blond hair, sprinkled 
with gray, a thick mustache on his ruddy appearance, and wearing plain 
clothes of a London Police Department. Constable Nia, as his peers 
called him, is a very brave man, having served in the war in the 
British Army. He had served abroad in the world, serving in the 
operations in the Middle—East. He served proudly in Operation Desert 
Shield, Operation Desert Storm in the nineties. Then he served two 
tours for the recent fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But most of his 
duty had been serving against the civil war in North Ireland of his 

He is on duty tonight, with one other constable, the chief and the
higher ups suspecting that this is a serial killer's hide out. The plan 
is to observe unnoticed, report and move in on the killer responsible 
for the technical murders throughout the city. A thought that did not 
make the officer feel too warm and fuzzy, as he is the only one with 
one other posted here over night. Earlier in the evening joggers had 
sounded the alarm, finding one body and the imprint of another in the 
grass. There was a clear sign of a struggle and it showed, as there 
were drag marks into building through the sunken art-deco door of the 
building. Blood, saliva, hair and other fluids also covered the brick 
wall outside, making it hard to concentrate, as the smell of blood is 
strong in and around the doorway. Police had been here all day to 
investigate this crime scene, and had no luck as they waited on 
forensics to come and confirm their findings. 

“By George, it has been one heck of a day.” Mac Nia thought quietly,
grimacing as he stood beside a wiry sergeant and a police woman who 
walked toward a car parked nearby. Most of the others had already left, 
leaving police tape and barriers littered around the whole area. 

“Forensics will be here in the morning, to go over the interior, check
out the blood, hair and skin... right.” The sergeant said, and Brent 
nodded his head silently. 

“Can't we post a few more officers here Serge?” He asked, “What happens
if Thompson and I cannot handle the killer alone, should he return?” 

“Call in, and don't hesitate to use your revolvers.” The sergeant

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