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Spider Kiss (standard:horror, 2408 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 10 2015Views/Reads: 2233/1377Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of transformation into a drider after a teenager is bitten by a simple spider (based on the picture called "the muse" from picture contest:

Spider Kiss Nathaniel Miller 

Darkness, it spread out silently over the sleeping town, the pale
moonlight pouring over the buildings as the dim light of morning 
encroached on the sleepy town of Beatty Nevada. It is here that a young 
woman lays in bed inside the family home, on a large acre ranch, the 
young girl in her room, sound asleep and dreaming strange dreams until 
the blatant buzzing of the alarm awakened her. The sound made her reach 
out blindly and swat at the clock on the nightstand, killing the alarm. 

A young woman, named Veronica Simms, slowly opened her eyes as she lay
on the bed, peering up at the simple white ceiling of her room, and at 
the poster of Justin Bieber that she has attached from the ceiling with 
several stick pins. She had awakened from a dream, and as it faded, she 
groggily sat up as she tried to clear her mind to blearily glance at 
the clock's offending, blinking red numbers. 

It is on a Monday, which it was time for school, and gasping her mind
comprehended the information she was staring at. '07:30' the numbers 
said and yelping, she sat fully upright, swinging her legs to hang on 
the edge of the bed. Here the young woman shook her head freely to 
clear the cobwebs of sleep. She felt pain on her arm, and turning her 
head she stared at the bulge of a nasty looking knot that was about the 
size of a ping-pong ball round. Her arm ached and throbbed, as did her 
whole body.  She did not remember last night, as she was cleaning her 
room, and of the spider that had bit her arm after she had gone to bed 
and slept. It was a large brown spider, smooth and shiny with the 
typical black eight legs and many eyes. A spider that had crawled 
across the desert from the test beds of the Nevada Nuke sites, ending 
up on a truck bringing it to Beatty. 

“Jesus what the hell is happening to me?”  The young girl thought,
trying to comprehend the pain and nausea that she felt in her stomach. 
She had a strange craving for blood. 

“Seven-thirty.” The girl's mind told her and she sat there frowning,
letting out a sharp breath, “Oh shit!” 

“You're going to be late!” A voice shouted, “It's time to get up

The young woman recognized it as her mom, and quickly she stripped off
her pajamas and slipped on a red single piece dress with a halter top. 
She even forwent a bra. Veronica grabbed her brush, staring at the 
mirror that made up the top of her dresser. A young woman stared back 
at her there, one with long black hair, dark eyes, a trim muscular 
figure, and a round face appeared in the mirror. Grimacing she frowned, 
staring at the braces she saw on her teeth, quickly brushing her hair 
and frowning at the crocked expression she had given the image in the 
mirror. The young girl is about sixteen years of age, a sophomore in 
local High School of Beatty Nevada in the middle of the desert. 

“Yeah... Another day in no man's land, located in the middle of sand,
sage, scorpions, and mountains.” The young woman thought, grabbing a 
lipstick tube and makeup and began putting it on her face, making 
herself look human, or to her at least presentable. 

“Breakfast is ready, come and get it!” The voice said again and the
young girl turned. 

“Coming mom!” She yelled, quickly exiting the door, running down the
hallway and down the stairs into the kitchen to plop into a chair 
before a plate of food. 

“You don't have much time honey. The bus will be here in fifteen
minutes, you had better eat fast.”  Her mom told her and without even a 
prompt that Veronica picked up a fork and dived in as another adult 
entered the room. Her father, clad in a suit with graying hair and a 
white goatee walked in. His suit was rumpled and he carried a 

“Jesus I'm going to be late.” He muttered, grabbing a glass that his
wife handed to him, gulping down the orange liquid from within it. 

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