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The Gas Mines of Ben Bosa (standard:science fiction, 2178 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 10 2015Views/Reads: 873/571Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The conflict of man vs alien as cargo is disrupted between the stations of Andromeda and Earth. Where the Federation must defend their territory from invasion.

“U.S.S. Solace, and U.S.S. Sharp requesting permission to enter the
Solar System for docking at Ben Bosa Station.” 

“Ben Bosa Station to U.S.S. Sharp and U.S.S. Solace, Permission granted
to enter the system. Please observe all warp restrictions and maintain 
course zero, nine seven mark four for approach. Control out.” 

”Acknowledged, U.S.S Solace out.” 

It is in the far off galaxy that a lone solar system encircles the
swirling mass of the dual nucleus star of Andromeda. This galaxy, the 
secondary one out of three located in this region of the universe, is 
the destination of the two ships that slowly cruise toward it. Their 
destination is a large solar system, where eight planets lie, and 
around the fourth planet, the Ben Bosa Station orbits the planet. One 
of the ships is a Tanker, to carry the gas that is harvested from the 
planet where the station orbits. It brings the much needed cargo to the 
region and beyond, to other Earth Federation Colonies. The other is a 
large Destroyer Class Starship, which escorts the Tanker toward their 

The Tanker itself is a sleek vessel with long pods, housing the massive
engines. Between the rounded front, where the bridge is located, and 
the engines aft, that massive pod-like tanks house the gas that is 
harvested from the planet. The ship is dressed in the typical dingy 
white, with many patches, showing its age and battle-scars. It is 
trimmed in red with the Federation logo on the side of the hull. It is 
the U.S.S. Sharp that cruises along here, one of the oldest tankers 
that approaches the system and still runs in the stars of space between 
Earth and Andromeda. The other is a sleek narrow vessel, bristling with 
a massive super structure in the center, and turrets on the fore and 
aft that mark it as a combat ship, the U.S.S. Solace. 

Seated on the bridge of the Tanker ship, Commander James Reynolds
lounged in the command chair of the ship known as the aging relic. He 
managed to pan a long gaze around the bridge of his ship, and at the 
crew who had served with him the longest aboard this Tanker for the 
last ten years. He managed a pleased smile at the performance of his 
crew, his friends who served for a long time aboard this aging relic of 
a Federation Tanker. 

Captain Reynolds glanced at the view screen where the stars of space
collided with the ship as they continued on course through the stars of 
space. Here, he yawned and he turned his chair toward he helm where two 
of his officers worked the controls. 

“Helm, Status report?” Captain Reynolds asked, turning his command
chair, toward the helm and navigation position where Thomas Joelton sat 
at the Helm and Sarah Carmen sits at the Navigation position.  They 
turned their seats halfway, to face the Command Chair. 

“We are on course, Captain. We are making Warp five. All systems are
normal and functioning.” 

“Very well.”  The Captain replied, turning to Dan Levine, sitting at the
science module. He is the Science Officer/First Officer aboard this 

“Dan, I need a pre-approach scan please.” The Captain asked and the
young man, sitting at the science station looked up from his console to 
nod. He moved quickly to the viewer module of the Science console. 

“Right, a Pre-approach scan... Aye, Captain.” He replied with a sneer,
and he clicked a couple of switches on his console as the sensors 
hummed, echoing on the bridge of the ship. 

Little did they know, as the science officer scanned the system ahead,
that two similar ships are on course leaving the solar system, their 
current destination. They are on a collision course toward the Sharp 
and Solace and reactions were immediate as a klaxon sounded on the 

“There are two approaching on the port side, sir!” Dan reported, as he
had his face in the science module viewer. 

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