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The Travel Pods of Pharius Seven (standard:science fiction, 3727 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 13 2015Views/Reads: 877/596Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on picture: 3 expeditions seeking out a new discovery of time portals have vanished and it is up to Enterprise to find them before the Romulans do.

The Ancient Travel Pods of Pharius Seven By Nathaniel Miller 

“Captain's Log, Star date 3424.5, We are currently in orbit about
Pharius Seven, in connection with the last known expedition of a 
science research vessel U.S.S. Chance, who had come to this planets to 
study the ancient ruins found by Starfleet probes. Our mission is to 
ascertain the ship's whereabouts and fate, also the expedition's 
whereabouts. If they survive, and find out what happened to the Science 
Vessel Chance. Perhaps complete their mission and evacuate all 
remaining expeditions from the planet before suspected Romulans 
interference happens.” 

Captain Picard leaned back in his chair in the ready room, staring at
the screen of his terminal in which he worked. He had done this so many 
times, and done so many logs, it was like second nature, but something 
about this mission intrigued him like many in the crew about the 
Chance's mission which they were investigating. 

Jean Luc scanned the screen again and managed a nod at the wording, and
filed the report. They had achieved orbit and were just about start 
operations in this area, even though this planet was not in a disputed 
area with any of their neighbors, it almost screamed Romulan Intrusion 
by the mere look of the planet.  Turning he scanned the room carefully, 
and he let out a quiet sigh, before hitting the communicator on his 

“Picard, to Command Riker.” He said quickly. 

“Riker, here.” 

“Number one, when you have a moment, I would like to see you in my ready
room.” Picard told him, “Just final notes before you take your away 
team to the surface.” 


A moment later there was a chime and Jean Luc looked up at the door. He
had not expected him immediately, and he managed a playful frown at the 


The doors entered and Commander Riker entered, pulling down the uniform
firmly, to straighten the tunic into a rigid form, so customary of the 
Captain.   He walked toward the desk where Picard sat, and he waited 
until the Captain motioned to the chair on the far side of his desk. He 
swiveled the chair, and straddled it, facing Picard straight on. 

“You wanted to see me sir?” 

“Yes, Number one, I just want to make sure we have a full away team for
this mission.” He said which made no sense. Jean Luc rarely questioned 
Will on the points of crew choices of the away team but there was 
something that the Captain saw that he felt Will was missing. 

“The Commodore just wants to make sure if the Chance's crew is found,
their discovery will be held in confidence.” Picard said, “They also 
are very picky about the ruins here on Pharius Seven. Every since they 
were discovered a year ago, there have been three expeditions that have 
vanished, and we want to make certain that the Romulans don't have any 
involvement in this. Three expeditions to study this planet and the 
ruins have met in their disappearance.” 

“I agree whole heartedly.” Riker replied, “What makes Starfleet think
its Romulan interference? This planet is quite far from the Neutral 

“There have been reports and sightings from vessels in area, cargo ships
that run the zone, and exploration vessels in this area.” 

“If that's true, they are in violation of treaty.” Riker observed making
Picard shake his head. 

“Not this time, Number One, this planet is not in Federation territory
either, so we do not and cannot say they are in violation of the 

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