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The Rescue of Anne Frank (standard:science fiction, 2649 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 20 2015Views/Reads: 986/561Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story done in HS lit (1991), about a group who returns to the past and changes history.

The Rescue of Anne Frank 

© 1991 Nathaniel Miller 

It is the project of a lifetime, found in the year 2710 A.D. It is where
a team of adventurers, a team of twelve would make history, and from 
which they would traverse the winds of time. A technology had been 
developed, using a super-generating coil that would create a field and 
a portal of energy. A computer set the energy flux and there, people 
could send others through to the past to observe. This machine looked 
not unlike what man had dreamed up on television, in programs like ‘The 
Phoenix', ‘Stargate SG1/Atlantis', ‘Star Trek,' or ‘Buck Rogers.' It 
has also included literature, and authors, ‘Ray Bradbury', ‘C.S. 
Lewis', ‘Issac Asimov', ‘Robert Heinlein', ‘Gene Roddenberry', or 
‘Arthur C. Clarke'.  It was now a real training tool, to take parties 
to the past, from which they could observe time and a teaching tool 
where students of history could learn the valuable message from which 
it would present. There was always that one standing rule, however: At 
no time were the parties able or allowed to interfere with the time- 
stream, the focal point or the time they were observing. 

The winds of time intrigued man for centuries, as he gazed up into the
heavens at the universe around him and from a place which he would call 
home called Earth orbiting a life giving star called Sol. Here he would 
wonder about the twinkling of stars, the universe, or the many planets 
yet to be discovered around him. This technology would be the first to 
ever be attempted, to harness energy and open a gate into the winds of 
time itself. Man's mission with the use of this given technology would 
be to observe and record, learning of the cataclysms of war, battles, 
figures and holocaust of every sort that happened in the stilted, 
bloody history of their planet. What a great way to teach a student 
history, moving slowly through time itself, to witness a birth, a 
death, and an atrocity of man-kind's ruthless past standing unnoticed 
at the side of a great battlefield as two armies fight. 

“A great teaching tool to learn and rewrite and relearn history lost!”
The scientists had boasted, and the head of the team a young man, who 
had lived a lot of it already, stood by and agreed to the statement by 
his colleagues. He had been taken through time itself, trained to think 
as the people of the future and others of the future whom he had 
gathered to monitor this technology from every nation. They would be 
people from many times who would be able to teach civilization to the 
young and old. No future would be spoiled, and no lifeline changed. The 
personnel would be taken as they were killed, taken to the future as 
teachers and statesman. 

A young man, named Bartholomew Andrew Race would be such a man, having
been born in the year 1922 from which he would meet his demise in the 
killing machines of Nazi Germany. The scientists of the future would 
pull him over four hundred years from his demise in nineteen forty-two, 
forward into the new time of twenty seven, ten as an advisor to good 
will and industry. Andrew Race is a peace loving man, who loved history 
and who taught it as cause and effect rather than dates and places. Who 
led the students to a famous place, from which he would explain the 
values of history itself that he had learned before his demise.  A man 
who had been in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, and Nuremberg, 
and Bergen Belsen where he had witnessed the Nazi occupation of five 
years of  war, whole families wiped out in the gas chambers, the 
horrible experiments and tortures inflicted upon the Jews by the Nazi 
Reich. He had seen many Russian, Jew, Pole women raped and shot, and 
any races that were not of the ‘Master Plan'. 

The man who had the power if he so chose, to disobey, and meet a young
girl named Anne Frank and Margot in those horrible places. A young 
woman who during her time had written in a diary of the several years 
in hiding with her family, a young man named Peter Van Daam, his family 
and a man named Dussell. Who in a fit of betrayal by a thief had found 
them out when robbing the factory where they were staying, betraying 
them to the Nazis for his freedom and watched from the gathered crowd 
as they were taken away to the many camps of Germany. There each one 
would die horribly. Bergen Belsen Camp would be the last known place 
for Anne and Margot who died of starvation and Typhus. 

A bitter man, who would never forget meeting her, across the wire,
brought to the future and healed, giving him another chance. While she 

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