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The Plainsfarmers of Mars (standard:science fiction, 3449 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jul 03 2015Views/Reads: 927/566Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
2100 AD and Earth has colonized Mars in Terraform only to find attack by an alien race in retaliation for man's push out into deep space.

The Plains-Farmers of Mars Ares: Bahram: Kasei: Labou: Ma'Adim: Simud:
Marte: Huo Hsing: Her Desher: Nirgal: Al-Qahira: Tiu: Whatever the name 
it is called, known in many languages, it is the name of the fourth 
planet that orbits the life giving star known as SOL. It is the name of 
the red planet known as Mars, named after the Roman God of War, and in 
many folklore legends shrouded in mystery and controversy since the 
dawn of time. 

Established on the surface of the planet, Tiberius Station was built,
after one hundred years of probes and remote exploration by NASA since 
the Twentieth, Twenty-First Centuries. It is the year 2105 AD and the 
Earth has sent a new breed of space ship to visit the fourth planet, 
the sister planet of Earth. The Earth Federation, established at the 
beginning of the latter half of the twenty-first century, began the 
exploration of the outer planets of the SOL solar system and forged 
ahead for future deep space explorations. They would colonize Mars, and 
plan stations located on the many moons and orbiting the outer planets 
of their home Solar System. 

As for Tiberius station, it is located on the Tharsis Montes, it is near
Olympus Mons the highest point on Mars, and the station itself is 
approximately fifty meters in diameter in size. It is a research 
station and Hydroponic Garden, intended to study the effects of plant 
growth on planets other than Earth. It is made up of artificial 
pressurized domes, airlocks and gravity generated facilities. Six 
modules stand as Living Quarters on the eastern side of the station, 
near the main building, separated with a main airlock on the far end of 
each side with connecting passages in between them.  There are six main 
wind generation and solar modules on all sides of the station, to 
generate power, by Mar's superior winds and harsh ultraviolet rays, 
despite its thin atmosphere.  A launch station is on the south side of 
the main facility, for the ships that deliver supplies and personnel to 
the station. It is near a rover recharge module outside the main 
facility of the station. The main building is in the center of the wind 
panels and outer buildings, housing the hydroponic-farm, research 
facilities and operations sections of the station. It is here at this 
station, that twelve NASA personnel man the post at first establishment 
on the surface of the Red planet and are rotated every six months with 
the new advancement of space travel. 

Carolina Trents walked toward the airlock, clad in the blue uniform of a
light-blue flight suit, heading toward the dressing area for the EVA 
suits inside the main airlock. As she walked briskly down the narrow 
passageway between the modules of the living quarters, she glanced at 
the many signs that stenciled over each hatchway of the modules.  At 
this moment, Carolina stands outside the galley module, where meals are 
prepared and seating are arranged for eating those meals. This module 
is currently dark, as all personnel is at the operations module, and 
grimacing she turned away and walked further down the passageway toward 
the EVA airlock. The only sound the young woman could hear is the 
dripping of water and the sound of the rebreather unit that recycles 
used oxygen into fresh oxygen for the station modules. Right now this 
young woman is standing inside the semi-lighted modules, alone and 
disoriented, having just arrived on planet two weeks ago. 

“Jesus, not a creature is stirring.” Carolina thought, grimacing as she
panned yet another annoyed glance as several other unused modules that 
would be used for expansion of personnel that would be here any day, 
according to the Federation Headquarters. It would be personnel that 
would increase to twenty-four bodies instead of twelve, to further the 
station as a waypoint for other explorations on the Red Planet. 

The young woman stepped inside the EVA airlock and began suiting up in
an EVA suit for outside. Her assignment was simple, to check on the 
recharge unit belonging to the Rover then to check on the Solar panels 
for maximum efficiency. An assignment given to the lowest person on the 
staff, and one assignment she did not take lightly. 

Turning she closed the inside hatch, securing it, before securing the
rest of her EVA suit. When she heard the hiss of pressure equalizing in 
the suit, and feeling the oxygen flowing, she turned to hit the control 
of the outer hatch. There was a decompression sound and slowly the 
hatch opened, allowing to exit into the reddish atmosphere of the Mars 

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