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The Nightmare Within the Mirror (standard:Suspense, 1378 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Apr 05 2016Views/Reads: 2190/860Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A possessed mirror decimates a christian family leaving one survivor of siblings.

A figure shivered in under the table as he peered into the darkness from
the kitchen into the living room. The boy named Michael Canterbury 
huddled in fear as the mirror set near the doorway and in it a purple 
face appeared there during the evening. It had knocked out the lights, 
the lightning bolts from the flashes from the figures eyes, reaching 
out to grab his parents and his sister whose scream resonated in his 
head. He was the last in the house, and he had to get out, but the only 
trouble was the exit that was unlocked was here in the kitchen. He 
would have to pass closely, within clear view of the mirror and the 
entity that was there. 

“What am I going to do?” Michael asked himself, “I can't let it get me
too. If I go upstairs it might try to use the mirrors in the house to 
travel between rooms. His mother was a fanatic having mirrors in the 
house, and about her appearance and how she looked. It was pure evil 
and he knew it and the only change the boy knew that he had would be 
his use of the crucifix that hung in the main living room. 

“Demons don' like Jesus!” The young boy thought and he crawled toward to
the doorway toward the living room. 

“I can feel you!” The demon screeched, and he heard the moan of his
sister and the wail of her as pain was inflicted upon her somewhere 
behind the netherworld of glass. 

The family had moved in three months ago in this house, and had been
hold that it had been possessed once. But the realtor had assured them 
that had been years since the last report of any action from demons 
that might inhabit the house. His father and mother had agreed to buy 
it on that assumption. The boy had looked up at the window and had seen 
silhouetted face of a girl peering down at him from the window, and 
when he had brought to his parent's attention that they had scolded him 
for lying. 

He had moved the mirror in his room to his closet and had climbed into
bed when he saw the hint of red eyes peering back at him from its dark 
interior surface. Michael also heard whispers at night from the closet 
where something was babbling and chanting at him, as a purplish glow 
could be seen under his door. Scared he covered his head in terror, and 
curled up in a ball. 

“Mommy, There is a monster in my closet!” 

“Sure there is dear.” She said, “It peered at me from the mirror!” 

“Go play in your room dear.” 


“Michael!” The boy didn't go to room he went outside and played on the
swings. He looked up and the shadowed figure of a girl peered out at 
him through it. Scared he fled from the swings and onto the porch. His 
sister Sally joined him a moment later. 

“What's wrong Michael, you are white as sheet.” 

“I didn't sleep, there is a monster in my closet.” 

Sally, his sister, is much like Michael a very attractive slightly older
twin, she has long brown hair, and is a few days older than he is, she 
has blue eyes, and the buds of a young woman. She is dressed in short 
shorts and a halter top. Her long brown hair hung down to mid back. 

“There are no monsters in the closet Micheal.” She said, and put out his

“Although I had a weird dream that I was being tickled and I felt
strangely overwhelmed.” 

“There is also a girl that stares up from the attic room.” Micheal said,
and he pulled at his sister's arm.” 

“Micheal.” She began but he pulled on her arm. Sally followed him onto
the grass and he pointed at the house. The window was empty. 

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