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Space Battles: Prelude to War (standard:science fiction, 2548 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 13 2016Views/Reads: 621/336Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on a picture (iron maiden cover Hellinski) of a Lich-King who sends his war-machine up against Earth Colony of Andromeda.

Space Battles: 

Preludes to War -- 

The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light,
uncountable stars in the deep darkness and with dying and forming stars 
abounds with many life forms. Yes, space is alive. The entire universe, 
our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with many such 
life forms. They are filled with many that love, aspire and fight in 
war, and there are others that are peace loving. Many forms of life are 
in the universe, and they live scattered throughout its cold vastness. 

It is far out in the depths of space, out past the edge of the Milky Way
Galaxy and in the first cluster of the Andromeda region that this story 
begins. It is on the second planet, an earth-like planet that orbits a 
large red giant star and in a tight oval shape to come close to the 
star itself. The planet itself is earth-like in conditions, being that 
of a L Class planetoid from which it is made up of the same elements 
found on Earth, with the exception the surface is covered mostly by 
land, almost 75% and only 25% seas. The huge landmasses cover the 
globe, and the seas are a tinted green from the excessive algae found 
in the seas because of the excessive temperatures, tropical to searing, 
because of its orbit. 

The planet is populated by the Pollex people a humanoid race that like
humans, are terrain in appearance with an upright stance, two legs and 
arms, a cranial brain and two forward set eyes.  They are lean and 
muscular, and excessively dark, due to the searing temperatures, and 
live in the high mountains in the northern or southern hemispheres 
outside of the tropical zone. They are war-like, industrious people, 
advanced on the level B+ on the space rating by the Federation. The 
Pollex are ruled by a ruler, a cruel pagan king named Nepharius, who in 
his own right is a lich-like appearance, with showing skeleton, a 
yellowish tinge and black colored eyes. 

He has ruled for more than three centuries, the life cycle of the people
very long in comparison to a human, and today was the anniversary of 
his long rule. 

King Nepharius could have given a damn about that too. He glared at his
generals, white froth dribbling from his lips as he screamed at them 
for their failure to defend their system against the invaders from 
Earth, who established a colony world known as system 232 that is in 
the secondary cluster of the K Class Galaxy of Andromeda. 

“You all have failed me for the last time, to repel the invaders to our
home.” He rasped, “This plan needs to work or I shall have you executed 
with slow torture, proceeding before it.” 

“My Lord, we are not much of a match for the Earth Ships, and they come
in peace, bringing trade and commerce to our outer colony worlds in our 
section of the Andromeda Galaxy and the planets we conquered.” A 
general said. 

“Silence! They are the enemy and must be eliminated!” The King spat,
“You fail, and I'll have your head!” 

“But sire, if we cause a war with our nearest neighbor who is stronger,
we might lose this war.” 

“Enough, you are both dismissed.” The King rasped and pointed a crooked
finger at the men. 

“Let's go Serves.” The other General said, “The king is right, we need
to get to the space fleet and attack at once.” 

“Right behind you, Maximus.” Serves replied and both men bowed formally
to the king before turning with a swish of their cloaks and walked 
toward the exit of the room. 

As they walked toward the door, both were deep in thought, headed to a
strategy brief with the space fleet Admirals who would be attacking 
Earth Fleet and his landing against the Earth Forces on Andromeda 
Colonies belonging to Earth. 

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