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Stranger in a Strange Land (standard:science fiction, 5699 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 18 2016Views/Reads: 784/474Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A science-fiction/Western of the life of a futuristic bounty-hunter who collects bounties traveling through the universe for criminals.

Stranger in a Strange Land A Science-Fiction Western 

The infinity that is space, a world filled with serene light,
uncountable stars in the deep darkness and with dying and forming stars 
abounds with many life forms. Yes, space is alive. The entire universe, 
our galaxy, and even the many solar systems are filled with many such 
life forms. They are filled with many that love, aspire and fight in 
war, and there are others that are peace loving. Many forms of life are 
in the universe, and they live scattered throughout its cold vastness. 

It is far out in the depths of space, out past the edge of massive arms
of the Milky Way Galaxy and out beyond the dual nucleus of the K Class 
Star known as Andromeda, into the tri stars of Orion that this story 
begins. It is here that a lone planet, out of five planets, orbits the 
planet Dwarf ‘kin 7, around the life-giving dwarf star of this world. A 
lone ship approaches the orbit of this world, a passenger liner, not 
unlike the ancient ones that crossed the seas on Earth that slid 
silently toward the bright radiant dwarf-star that makes up the sun of 
this solar system. 

The planet is like Earth, a little smaller in size, and it has a shorter
orbit and rotational period in comparison to the planet Earth. A solar 
day is ten hours long, and a year is three hundred days. The planet is 
temperate to searing in levels of zones on the planet. It is sixty two 
percent making up the land mass, with forty percent seas that cover the 
surface of the planet on one side.  Gravity is zero point, nine bars of 
Earth, a little lighter than planet Earth's gravity zone, it has 
nitrogen oxygen and more heavy metals in the atmosphere, making it a 
little thicker than Earth's ozone. 

It is here that the ship has arrived, bringing visitors to this world,
and a stranger to finish the job he had taken on Earth. 

Dirken Dilemna, an interstellar bounty hunter, stands clad in the
familiar jeans, a simple old style western vest and boots and over the 
top a brown leather duster hangs low, over the top of his 
Astro-automatic that hangs low in the holster attached to his belt and 
tied to his leg. Dirk is that of a Cyborg, a half-man, half robot. He 
is constructed like a typical cyborg; with a real human body with alloy 
implants and a combat chassis attached to the body of the human that in 
the years was said to make humans stronger. He is the man/machine 
assigned to recover the desperado in this age of 2456 A.D and he 
travels to the planet far out in Orion's belt where the villain had 

The ship thundered as it hit the retro-rockets and slowly it descends
toward orbit, where it took station to complete one orbit before slowly 
descending into the atmosphere. As it sinks deeper onto the planet, the 
skin of the ship heats up as it rubbed and created friction against the 
atmosphere. A few minutes would elapse and the massive ship would 
appear in the blue sky above the many land-masses that is scattered 
throughout the greenish-blue oceans that make up forty percent of the 
seas on this planet. It slowly descends to the planet, landing in the 
sea with a gentle splash, and slowly would steam toward the shore, and 
the docking crew that awaits its arrival. 

Sitting on the bridge of the ship somewhere, Captain Rejnik sat in the
chair as the ship slowly descended toward the planet. As she turns her 
head, she casts a quick look at the bridge of her ship. A reptilian 
helmsman named Raja sits at the console in the front of the control 
room. Seated next to her, sits the insect-like navigation named T'Lsss 
St. John pushing the buttons on his computer console. At the 
Communications station, a young humanoid named Kristen Troi sits at her 
console. Captain Dtor Joski, a young human sits in the center station. 
Folios Catilis, a feline being sits at the science station.  This crew 
is now in control as it successfully guides the ship to the planet from 
SOL and Earth.  They have brought the three hundred passengers 
successfully on their journey to another world and one of those 
passengers the bounty hunter who would take back a villain. 

Fifteen minutes later, the ship would wallow to an abrupt stop and
slowly the gantry opens, stretching out like a giant arm, as it reaches 
for the ship and the huge doors on the side of the ship. The double 
doors hiss as they equalize the pressure of the outside, and crews from 
the planet rush across the gantry, attaching the umbilical cords from 

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