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Starship Down! (standard:science fiction, 5324 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jun 27 2016Views/Reads: 587/320Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of humans having to survive a crash on a hostile planet in an uncharted solar system near orion.

“Mayday! Mayday! We're going in, we have struck an asteroid and have
entered the atmosphere of Tarsus 2” The Communications officer shouted, 
and frowned, there was nothing but static. 

“Starship 335 to Earth Control, We have struck an asteroid, and we are
going in onto Tarsus 2!” 

“No response skipper!” 

“Hang on! It's going to be a rough ride!” The Captain shouted, as
everyone was thrown to the deck. 

Outside the ship spun uncontrollably in a circle as it barrel-rolled,
and the skin of the ship turned red hot as it skipped on the atmosphere 
twice before it entered fully the atmosphere of the jungle planet 
Tarsus 2. 

Before that, the ship was cruising through the stars of space, on course
between Antaries and Earth, loping along about Warp two when there was 
an explosion, and the ship began to dive, spin, and loop as it was 
thrown off course.  On the bridge, the Captain, John Arman, sat in the 
Captain's chair, and was thrown to the deck as he looked up stunned 
from the deck of the bridge. Everyone had been thrown from their 
station and as they all struggled to regain their positions, that the 
ship was off course and heading for the jungle planet of Tarsus 2, an 
uncharted planet in which was rather large, in the quadrant of two 
planets that orbited the bright dwarf star of this solar system located 
here.  The ship shuddered as it smoked, a gaping hole sparked in the 
side of the fuselage. The ship skipping on the atmosphere as it finally 
entered nose first, turning red as the friction rubbed the skin of the 

“Science Officer, where are we?” Captain Arman shouted, and he glanced
at the science officer, a willowy man named and known as Kaman, a 
humanoid that joined the Federation from the Orion cluster, who had his 
face in the sensor module. 

“Shield up! Helm, hold us steady.” 

“Shields are activated, but failing!” Hiraku Soolin shouted, glancing at
the Navigator, a young woman next to human named Jamie Andrews, who 
feverishly worked over the console. 

“We are out of control and in sector twelve, fifty two parsecs near Arum
Cluster.” She said, “This is an uncharted planet and system!” 

“Captain, there is nothing but static on the Com Channels.” Drendra
Baker, the communications console shouted, “Unable to transmit!” 

The ship continued to plummet into the atmosphere, and as it spun, it
threw everyone to the deck again, as it appeared as a point of light in 
the blue sky of the jungle planet, and spun, and dipped as it continued 
to accelerate as it continued downward. 

“Helm, keep the nose up, thrusters to assist, give us landing cushion if

“Trying sir!” Hiraku shouted, touching the buttons as the blue jets near
the nose were clearly visible, as the ship sped faster and faster. 
There were ‘thunk' sounds on the hull as it hit the trees of the 
jungle, a wrenching sound, and the ship shuddered and shook as it came 
to a rest on the surface of Tarsus 2. Debris from the ship was 
scattered for two miles in a straight line, and a deep groove lined the 
ground to show where the ship had struck, and skidded to a stop. There 
was a splash as the ship came to rest in a lake, partially submerged. 
The wings were gone, and water washed inside the fuselage, as screams 
echoed the interior of the ship. The limited crew of fifty and the 
command crew had been on board when the asteroid has struck the ship. 
Now there was darkness, and confusion as people lay dazed in the 
darkness.  No-one knew how many were alive, dead or unknown as 
confusion echoed the ship. 

On the bridge, everyone lay on the deck, dazed, unconscious, or
otherwise disoriented as the ship lay partially submerged in the mud 
and water. There was a hum as systems and power faded away and backup 

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