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The Return of Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (standard:science fiction, 3211 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jul 05 2016Views/Reads: 696/417Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A piece based on series that aired in Japan in 67-68 as a live action series.

The Return of Johnny Sokko, and his Flying Robot. 

It was a warm day on the coast of Japan, and near Tokyo as Johnny sat
pondering on the beach near the sea. He has just finished school for 
the day, and he sat he watched the sea crashing onto the sand in large 
white caps.  School had been hectic today for the boy, having spent 
most of his day at his desk, busily writing the report due in the next 
two days or one of the many classes he took.  He had fallen behind with 
his school work, daydreaming about the past, and had gotten in trouble 
for not paying attention in class. The Teacher had called on him and he 
had given a one word answer, which made the class laugh and the teacher 
to frown, giving him lines for his trouble. 

“I still need something for this report.” He thought, “Something great,
something fascinating, and worth reporting on.” 

His head turned, scanning the beach, and he spied crabs sidling along
sideways in the surf. Here he grimaced, and looked on further, sighing 
heavily as sadness seemed to fill his very soul. Years ago he had his 
flying robot, and had battled evil that came to his country. He had 
been a hero in which had given him respect as a defender of Earth. He 
had the thanks of the world for his service for all man-kind. Right up 
until the last battle with the robot before it had crashed into the 
sea, shot down by a laser-beam of Gholla, the lizard creature that had 
attacked Tokyo.  That had been the end of the robot, and he had been 
thrown into the sea, almost drowning in the heavy surf until he had 
been picked up by the Japan Self Defense Force ships that had been 
cruising along the coast to protect Tokyo. His flying Robot had grabbed 
Gholla, and with him and a massive explosion had been cast into the sea 
and taken down that evil lizard, but in the end had destroyed them 

“Without my robot doing that, Tokyo and the world would have been
destroyed.” Johnny thought, “But now I don't have the fantastic 
adventures, traveling to other worlds in space, or protecting the world 
from danger.” 

Johnny felt ordinary, and misunderstood, the kids razzing him often now
that he didn't have the robot. 

That had been his best times and adventures of his life. Now he was a
little older, about fifteen, having started High School now and had 
nothing to really show for it. He didn't have any friends, or a 
girlfriend. In fact the young girls shied away from him and called him 
a Geek, shunning him away.  He had become quite isolated in the last 
few years, picked on by older kids, and constantly badgered.  They 
reminded him often that he was nobody and his days as somebody had long 
since gone away. 

Johnny shook his head, and gazed out at the sea, squinting, the heat of
the day radiating a haze on the sand and a low mist on the surface of 
the churning water of the sea.  There he saw a gray mass that looked 
like it was floating in the center of the ocean. He saw a long 
cylindrical top and wide mass. At first he thought it was just a ship's 
buoy that bobbed on the sea. But it seemed to be getting bigger as he 
sat on the sand. 

“What on earth is that?” Johnny asked himself, and he stood up, to try
to get a better look, using his hands to shield over his eyes.  The 
mass continued to rise upward out of the sea, He ran toward the boat 
nearby, and pushing himself out to sea in it, he rowed toward the gray 
mass.  The sea pushed him back to shore, but he continued rowing toward 
it, closing in on it slowly. He was drenched head to foot, his good 
school clothes soaked, and knowing he would get a whooping by his 
mother for playing in the water in his good clothes. 

A few minutes later, he sat in the middle of the ocean, and the mass had
disappeared, leaving him alone on the surface of the ocean. 

“Oh hell, what did I come out here for?” Johnny asked himself, “I'm in
for it now by mom, for ruining my school clothes.” 

He had turned the boat back toward the shore when he spotted a gray
cylindrical mass just below the water.  He stood up on the boat, 
stripping off his shirt, shoes and pants and in his underwear that he 

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