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The Last Starfighter 2: Rebuilding the Legion (standard:science fiction, 8931 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Jul 11 2016Views/Reads: 699/366Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An update and more new material a story that sequels the last starfighter movie.

It has been twenty-years years since Alex and Maggie had thundered off
into the stars from Starlight Star bright Trailer Park, when Alex had 
returned to Earth to land in his Gunstar to pick up Maggie.  He and 
Grig had just won the battle against the Kodan, and had stood beside 
their Gunstar, a few hours ago, with Ambassador Enduran and Centauri as 
they stared down at the crowd of celebrating Rylans for victory. 

Five years after they had left, however, there was a surprise. 

As Alex sat in the office, as soon as he arrived, had overseen the mass
production of Gun Stars in three shifts and began the search for 
candidates that would operate these ships.  As the candidates came in 
he worked long hours to train them with Grig and brought them quickly 
up to a crash course speed, quickly mounting to have a defense for 
Rylos if the Kodan mounted a new offensive. Every night he held Maggie 
in his arms and Alex peered in her eyes, as they laughed and she talked 
about the new position in Headquarters she was training for, and they 
made love often, both in love and glad to be with each other.  Both did 
not know of a drastic change that would change their lives however, 
that Maggie was a month pregnant with twins, and Alex was the father. 

When she did not feel well and she had found out in the Rylos Command
Sick bay, her astonishment could be heard down the hall as she read the 

“Are you sure doctor?” 

“There is absolutely no doubt, for human physiology.” He said, and
chortled at her look, as she read it several times. “Twins, Are you 

He smiled, seeing her astonishment. 

“What's the matter Ms. Gordon,” He said, “They are very healthy and
strong at this point.” 

There was laughter as Maggie glanced at the expression on Alex's bemused
face. He was totally not expecting this, to be a father so young. 
Maggie mock glared at him and he grimaced as he shrank back. 

She smiled at his reaction and began to laugh, reaching out to motion to
him, as she embraced him warmly. 

“God, I love you Alex.” She told him and they held each other starting
into each other's eyes. 

But that was now twenty-years ago and a lot had changed:  Kyle is the
son of Alex and Maggie, and his sister, his twin both born on Rylos. 
They both had joined the Star League when they were eighteen, both in 
their early twenties now.   He is the spitting image of Alex, brownish 
blond hair, slender, but stocky with blue eyes and the square jaw of 
his father.   He now was in charge of continuing to rebuild and do the 
work that Alex had started to do before his death, rebuild the Star 

“This isn't going to be easy.” He muttered, as he glanced over a set of
forms on the desk, and reaching out with a shaking hand, pushed the 
report aside before turning to the cabinet in his father's office. Kyle 
pulled out a glass and poured a reddish liquid from the strange bottle 
into it. Corking the bottle, he took a belt of the alcoholic beverage 
that was strong, burning the back of his throat. 

“Doggone, this isn't going to be an easy funeral either.” He thought, “I
have to contact Grandma and tell her.  She's going to be a bit pissed.” 

“Drinking won't bring them back Kyle.” A voice said, and turning he
glanced at the door blearily, staring at Lewis Rogan, his uncle, clad 
in the same brown tan uniform trimmed in dark brown. On his arm is the 
squadron patch of sector two where he had been assigned, having the 
gift and eventually being recruited to the Star League too. His hair 
was the same brown, sprinkled with the first hints of gray in it, and 
sporting a thick Vandyke beard and heavyset slightly despite being in 
his early thirties now. Beside him, Kyle's sister, Amanda stood with 
their uncle. She wore a white uniform skirt and the uniform top, 

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