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The Return of Starlight (standard:fantasy, 82967 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Jul 29 2016Views/Reads: 486/232Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The sequel to Healing Starlight, where Rijiin wanders for over four centuries, unable to help and heal, battling for the hope of the elves and time itself.

-The Dedication(s): 

To: Gail Baudino, (and the Elves of Malvern): Thanks for the Inspiration
to get me writing again, and your book's help and healing, “Alanae ea 
yolisi, Elthia!” 

This is also for Mimi “Mouse” Stewart, her beloved memory, as she passed
from Cancer. (1956-2009) 

The classes of 1990 (All 135 of them) and 1991 of Bellbrook HS (all 113
of them): For their long lasting inspiration and friendship. 

A cold wind whipped as a steady snowfall of winter settled over the
region known as Adria. The area is a fertile valley by the Aleser 
Mountains from the northern sea, to the lands in the south. It is the 
time of change in this region, what the elves would have called the day 
of completion, where everything old is discarded making way for new. 
Walking alone, a cloaked figure makes his way along the paths deep in 
forest known as Beldon Forest. An elf named Rijiin L'Theil, once a 
resident of this land has returned to his adopted home after one 
hundred and forty years away from his home. 

Rijiin, when he started his adventures one hundred and forty years ago,
they started from the twentieth century. He had not been seeking to 
jump through time and space or out to seek the portal in the mall known 
as Eastridge out of San Jose, CA. His adventure, when it started, had 
done so simply. It started with his arrived at the mall, a couple hours 
early on a cold, frosty Saturday morning for a gathering of people from 
an online Bulletin Board System (BBS). As he wandered the cavernous 
interior, he would discover the strange new shop that he had never seen 
before. It is a familiar store resembling another shop called ‘The 
Gamekeeper™' commonly found in most any mall. It is located under the 
escalators leading to the second floor near the Sears and Roebucks ™ of 
Eastridge Mall and cross where the old F & W Woolworths store was open 
for business long ago. 

The only difference between the stores, compared to this one, it is a
much larger ‘Gamekeeper™' store taking up a whole corner space, and it 
offers virtual reality games. (Not unlike the holodeck from the TV 
show, Star Trek the Next Generation) The store itself is large with an 
open area with a sea of shelves throughout, even on the walls. A large 
center counter makes up the check out counter and game sign up area. 
There are circular sections in the middle of the shelving areas and it 
is here that tables are setup for gamers to play rounds of the games 
sold in the shop. A large partitioned area dominates the left side of 
the room and it is a restricted area for those members can play, meet 
or take part in the virtual reality games. Outside the store, the 
entryway is mostly wall with sealed glass displays every few feet. The 
only entry into the shop, are swinging saloon style doors. Outside the 
double doors, leading into the shop, is a sign with ‘the Dungeon Gaming 
Company' written in gothic print on it.  It hangs from a rod-iron 
bracket, screwed into the wall, and hanging from a thick black chain. 
The sign itself is made of wood and is hand-carved. 

He immediately signed up, intrigued by the shop and the games. He
managed to take part in two games, with great success and then took a 
brief break to make an appearance at the party he had originally come 
for this morning. Rijiin was deep in thought, mostly about the games 
during the party and immediately decided he would leave in the next 
half hour, to return to the store for the games. No one had come up to 
speak with him in the entire time he sat in the Red Robin ™ Restaurant 
of Eastridge Mall. In fact, the group seemed to cluster away from him 
or if someone would wander his way, the others would always distract 
the person and moved him back to their group. Noting this, Rijiin 
grimaced and began wondering why, the hell, he was even at the 
gathering if no one wanted him here. 

“Those games are a heck of a lot better than this stupid party. At least
I am wanted in the games rather than here.” Rijiin thought to himself, 
and after thirty minutes, just as he thought of doing, he gathered what 
he brought with him and walked unhindered out of the doors. He pushed 
the inner doors aside and stepped into the dim corridor that leads to 
the interior section of the Mall. The young man did not look back as he 
turned and moved with hollow steps on the tiled floor. Across the room, 
four members of the Bulletin Board System saw him leave, and there were 

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