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Forever Starlight (standard:fantasy, 49117 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Jul 31 2016Views/Reads: 674/369Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Final Chapter to Healing Starlight.

Forever Starlight: 

By: Erwin Stevens 

-The Dedication(s): 

To: Gail Baudino, (and the Elves of Malvern): Thanks for the Inspiration
to get me writing again, and your book's help and healing, “Alanae ea 
yolisi, Elthia!” 

*Andy: "You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific?" Red: "No."
Andy: "They say it has no memory. That is where I want to live the rest 
of my life. A warm place with no memory." (Shawshank Redemption) 

A lone traveler floated along amidst the blue gray waters of the Pacific
Ocean, a lone life raft where a young Elven Harper named Natil 
Summerson-L'Theil and a young human named Katherine Grace lay in the 
bottom of the small craft. Together Natil and her companion are both 
survivors of a disaster at sea. One where the ship named the SS 
Salvadorian Hato exploded after its third night at sea, the damage 
severe enough to cripple it and later causing it to sink into the 
silent waves of the Pacific. 

All but a few passengers were evacuated from their cabins to the deck,
placed into the lifeboats as thunderous explosions continually hit the 
ship causing it to rock two and fro. No one had seen the young Harper 
thrown from the deck of the ship, clinging for her life on the side of 
a life raft that was blown free by the explosions. No one would see her 
pull herself into the lifeboat, or grab the collar of a life preserver 
containing Katherine Grace, the captain's youngest daughter into the 
craft. She had likewise found herself thrown from the deck of the ship 
to float in the inky cold Pacific waters. That had been four days ago. 

The Harper's journey had started a few days before that. Together with
Rijiin, her husband, they sat in the horse drawn carriage would take 
them down the streets of Denver to the limo company that would take 
them to the airport. Together from the airport, the Harper and Rijiin 
would both board a jet liner bound for Los Angeles and from there they 
would meet a medium sized cruise yacht chartered to take them and two 
hundred other people to Mexico on a spectacular honeymoon for two. 

As the young Harper lay unconscious in the raft, she was seeing images
of recent past, starting with her wedding day. It is a time of 
happiness for the young maiden, remembering the day like it was 
yesterday, staring at the gardens of the Tree Star building from one of 
the many corner offices and at the many guests who have gathered from 
near and far for their wedding. 

Natil, as she waited for her day to start, her wedding to Rijiin, she
paced the office back and forth like a caged animal. She is dressed in 
the long ruffled white wedding gown, her face made up and she wears her 
hair up in a neat bun. Natil is a young beautiful elf maiden but a very 
nervous bride to be. She held a wad of Kleenex in hand, as she dried 
her tears and nervously wept every few minutes. Her gaze fell upon a 
mirror in the office and transfixed as she stared at the radiant 
reflection of herself. The realization had hit her solidly that she was 
going to be wed today and never thought, centuries ago, that she would 
be with someone or find anyone in her travels she could love. 

"Oh by the Goddess, are you ready for this Mistress? Do you know what
you are doing?" 

The Harper had said it aloud as she stared at the mirror, and she
managed a confident nod to the reflection that she peered at in the 
mirror. The Harper smiled at the image of herself, a very youthful 
looking Elven woman, who is four point three billion years old, and one 
of the first borne Elves of Adria. A young maiden who is now clad in a 
magnificent white ruffled wedding gown of the period. Natil grimaced as 
she felt her eyes welling up with tears. 

"Oh Mirya, Talla, Roxanne, Varden, Terrill, Charity," She said their
names aloud. "I wish you could see me now." She had called out the 
names of those of four hundred years ago, her friends, and those whom 
she considered family who faded long ago from the world. 

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