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My Death Scene (standard:fantasy, 6311 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Oct 26 2016Views/Reads: 699/345Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Philosophical look at Death, if you could see your death scene in third person, what would it be. Mine's Braveheart


This is Fantasy! The events here never existed or happened at any time
in the years or institution specified. All persons the names have been 
preserved to maintain accuracy. But this event in its entirety is 

E.A Stevens, Writer, NYC

Snow: It fell quietly in large flakes from the cloud-filled sky, amidst
the freezing temperatures and frigid winds, in a typical chilly 
November for the state of Ohio. It is around seven-thirty in the 
morning, as a fleet of yellow buses rumble along the roadways between 
the many wooded areas, fields and pastures. They are on their way 
toward their destination at the Junior High and High School, so early 
in the morning, located in and around the town of Bellbrook. Here they 
bring students for the morning as always for the school year that had 
started back in August. 

It is outside in the open service corridor, running between the two
buildings, the Junior High and High School, where a sinister scene, a 
hazing crime was taking place. Four students square off in a cement 
stairwell that leads into a side door entering the boy's locker room, 
two seniors, one junior and one freshman. The stairwell was concealed 
by darkness as the morning encroaches on another day, but also was 
concealed by several bushes and three juniper trees around it. 

It is here the two seniors grabbed the freshman, and held him as he is
brutally assaulted by a junior classman. No doubt his is being punished 
for nothing more than his meager existence as a lower classman. A 
hidden crime because the student did not bow down and be respectful, or 
recognize them as their elder in the hallway. In fact, this freshman is 
different, from a different place, and did belong here. He is from the 
west, a place where you had to fight for your existence in your own 
class to be acknowledged, or you would be assaulted in the same way, 
verbally lashed, or pranks set upon your person. You also could have 
other cruel things happen to you too that were much worse. He basically 
had not recognized his place, coming from a different environment, and 
not understood how things worked here in the east. He basically told 
them in so many four letter words to take a flying leap and now is 
paying the price for his insolence. 

They held him as one worked him over and delivering a series of hard
punches, kicks, and jabs to the head, neck and body. He did not scream, 
or whimper and it only infuriated the upper-classman more by his 
defiance. What it was that he was cold, and partially ill with a cold, 
and his throat raw from coughing over the weekend so he could hardly 
speak about a whisper. 

One more series of punches struck the youth and this time he slipped
from their grasp, but he did not run. He fell exactly on the spot he 
now stood, hitting the ground, splattering it red by his own warm blood 
that now covered the ice and snow.  As he lay on the ground they kicked 
him, like a literal rag doll, hardly breathing and his body beyond 
feeling pain right. His breath is barely visible in the frosty morning 
air as he remains motionless to the assault to his person. Now in the 
morning light, they are able to see for themselves the events and what 
they had been doing for the last ten-minutes, beating him literally 
into the ground. A pool of bright red blood now pooled around his body, 
walls are splattered by droplets of his blood and across the staircase 
near the doorway. 

Matt stood over him and spying the blood that he stopped, holding out
his arms. He waved to the other two. 

“Wait, hold up, what the fuck did you do to him?” The senior known as
Matthew asked, the sensible one of the group, “I said scare him, and 
ruff him up him a little not try to kill him.” 

“What are you talking about?” Kenny asked. He is the prankster, and
funnyman of the class. He is confused by the question, and wondered why 
all of a sudden that Matt actually gave a fuck, especially about a 
lower classman. 

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