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The Ballad of Police Officer Rollo Vitug (standard:drama, 3569 words)
Author: A Garcia SantiagoAdded: Mar 25 2017Views/Reads: 716/304Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An aging policeman life story that revolves around the adoption of a young child.

It was early morning after the feast day of Black Nazarene when the
smoke from burnt garbage rise up on the street. It shadowed the 
'jeepneys' and dilapidated buses that ply the crossing of Edsa and West 
Avenue. Rollo Vitug, an aging 45 year old policeman dreamed that day as 
he watched the intersection moved slowly during the early morning rush 
hour. He dreamed of having a nice Filipino family. He dreamed God would 
pity on him and gifted him and his wife one happy child they could 
cherish and who would look after them when they grow old. Several 
months ago, they had done the craziest dance during the feast of Obando 
together with hundreds of infertile couple with the sole purpose of 
wanting a miracle child. They held atop their heads replicas of Virgin 
Mary  and waived on their hands christian amulets  just so to express 
their extreme desire of wanting a little child on their arms. He spent 
the rest of the day untangling the traffic mess in the busy 
intersection after the mid day onslaught of heavy rain. He swam across 
the flooded street and helped the city public works unclogged the 
nearby esteros. They removed three discarded refrigerator housing, 2 
old ten wheeler tires, a tree branch and a half ton of various 
hazardous garbage. 

It was early dusk when the smoke finally disappeared and the countless
buses began to ferry the million of passengers that converged at the 
city's intersection. He saw group of school children that ran towards 
the row of school buses and made funny faces as they pressed their 
mouth and cheek in foggy windows-tired students that squeezed their 
bodies inside packed buses just to go home. Beggars. Vendors. 
Prostitutes. People with nowhere to go. People that stood still for 
hours unsure of destination. The night become alive as the green city 
light illuminated the city. The bend has a life of its own as it 
unfolded in her palm the young girls with  far away look in their eyes. 
Girls with painted faces and 70s deluded gestures-with eyelash longer 
than the length of their cheap Caronia nails, and aah those jet black 
hair that was thirty inches long. Police office Vitug had no memory of 
these beautiful girls  that walked by him. He knew them among the 
shadows as they extrude their pale full lips. Maybe he was still 
dreaming. Maybe not. But the night hold many promises that sometimes 
endure in the wee hours of the morning.He was dead tired. Wanting to go 
home. Yet the call of his duty extend beyond the unimaginable. "Hey 
officer you should be home," said the young beautiful prostitute beside 
her. "Or you can go home with me for the night."  Rollo Vitug just 
simply nod his head and walk on. He walked in many dark places. But 
that night he walked in a universe so dark that he felt lost in his 
journey. He saw a beautiful young girl glide towards an old waiting 
taxi cab taxi. Where are these people going to? He asked himself. Why 
am I going this way and not the other way? He wasn't lost. His mind is 
simply elsewhere. As he went further in the darkest corner of the 
street he saw tiny lights among  the bushes. What are those light? He 
inspected them closely and found they were swarm of fireflies. It was 
so many Rollo Vitug simply lost count of them.Then he heard a tiny 
voice laughed behind him. He must be out of his wits. He was too tired 
to dream all these aberration in his senses. He saw a tiny shadow move 
in front of him and called it to come out. "Come out. Who are you? 
Cmon. Don't be shy." Then a child come out of the bush . The  child 
smiled the sweetest smile that melted Rollo Vitugs heart. The little 
child unfolded his hand as the lights from the tiny fireflies shone  
brightly in his tiny palm. Rollo Vitug felt euphoria as the swarm of 
fireflies engulfed them. It was the sign he always waited. 

Rollo Vitug arrived in his home in Rizal at around eleven in the
evening. He asked his wife to close his eyes for a minute and when she 
opened them  she found a beautiful child making cute funny faces on 
her. His wife Elena sat motionless as Rollo Vitug and his little friend 
took their dinner. The kid was no more than 4 year old. He was so 
cuddly with his fat cheek and curly hair. "That poor child...he must 
have miss his parents don't you think?" Elena said. But the child 
seemed at home with his new found abode. He ran around and at the 
middle of the night Rollo Vitug played horse with a child for the first 
time ever in his life. And that was enough to answer his wife's 
apprehension. Rollo Vitug buzzed in her wife's ear. "Look how happy 
this child is. Look at how happy we are. Look at the 
possibilities...maybe we can look at this at a different 
a chance...a gift from God. The answer to our endless mourning and 
prayer." "You know how I so want this gift to be true." Elena said to 
her husband. "We need to do some thing to make this legal. This kid is 
ours Elena. I will make it a dream come true for us." 

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