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Don'tLlieTto Me (standard:romance, 845 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 11 2017Views/Reads: 296/131Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Keli is fed up. She has started at a new school, but has become confused - that is until she runs into this boy in the playground, then her attitude changes

Keli didn't know what to do. She was confused. She had lived in this
town for only a brief time and she was fed up of it already. But, then, 
as she entered the school yard, she was beginning to think that maybe 
things weren't too bad after all – that's when she saw him staring at 
her. He couldn't keep his eyes off her. He neared towards her. 

‘Hi, I haven't seen you before,' he said to her, still staring
intensely, with smouldering dark blue eyes, making her legs turn to 

Poor Keli. She didn't know what to say to him. She couldn't believe this
was happening. She didn't answer. She walked off instead. Then, when it 
was time for the English class, there he was, sitting on his own. She 
could feel nerves running right through her body. The whole time in 
class she had a tough time concentrating. She just wanted the class to 

When the school day came to a close Keli made her way towards the bus
stop. Wen she got there she had a surprise. He was stood there waiting 
for the bus. 

She looked at him and said: 

‘Come to think of it, I've never seen you before?' 

‘It's because it's my first day,' he replied, his eyes penetrating hers,
making her tremble just looking at him. 

‘Well, we're in the same boat then.' 

‘Is it your first day as well?' 

‘Not far off. This is my first week.' 

‘Fancy coming into town when we get off the bus?' he said to her. 

She had to think about that one. Who was he? He could be anybody. Maybe
he wasn't really a pupil, just pretending, but he seemed to do well in 
the English class. He answered a lot of questions the teacher asked. He 
was a bright lad. 

‘Yeah, go on, then,' she answered, hoping she was doing the right thing.

First stop was McDonald's. She couldn't stop laughing. He was so funny. 

When she got home, she couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious
stranger, but he did have a name – Scott. He lived with his mother, who 
unfortunately had a terminal illness. His dad died when Scott was nine. 
It must feel awful not having a father, she thought. She was lucky. She 
had a mum and dad. 

Next day in school, she went looking for Scott. She couldn't find him
anywhere. Then she saw him coming towards her. 

‘You, all right?' he asked. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine.' 

After school they went into town. They agreed to meet again on the
Saturday, but on Friday evening she saw him with a man and a woman as 
she and her mum were coming out of the supermarket. It looked just like 
his mum and dad. The man just looked like an older version of Scott, 
but why did he lie? Wait till she saw him on the Saturday. She had a 
few things to say to him. The Saturday came, and she waited by the 
cinema entrance, as agreed. But she felt so angry. She hated being lied 
to. There was no need for it. 

She saw Scott coming around the corner as though he hadn't a care in the
world. Oh, and another thing she didn't like - anyone being late, and 
according to her phone, the time on it, he was ten minutes late. She 
was even more angry now. 

‘Sorry I'm late.' He said to her. 

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