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My Perfect Cousin (standard:romance, 885 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 15 2017Views/Reads: 300/135Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tanni is fed up of her boyfriend being late. She's convinced he is seeing someone else. She and her mate have a plan to catch him out, but do they succeed? Read to find out!

Tanni stood on the corner of the street. She waited and waited. Where
was he? Then she saw him turn the corner. 

‘Where have you been? I've been waitin' ages. I thought you were going
to stand me up?' 

‘Yeah, well, it wasn't my fault. I got held up, is it?' 

‘Well, you won't be doing it again. You understand?' Tanni said before
walking off. 

She had had enough of Tom and his antics. She never knew where she stood
with him. He was hard work at the best of times. This time it was 
final. She had had enough. She was convinced he was seeing someone else 
and that's why he was always late, and sometimes he didn't turn up at 
all. But she couldn't prove he was seeing someone else. Then she had an 
idea. She went to call for her mate, Shirley. 

‘You mean spy on them?' Shirley said when Tanni told her about her plan.
‘And, anyway, what's the use? You said you had finished with him.' 

‘I still like him, though, but I ain't gonna tell him that.' 

That night they met up by the park, which was across the road from
Alice's house. Alice was the one Tanni had suspected of seeing her 
boyfriend behind her back. It was payback time. 

They waited until Alice left the house, then they followed her – all the
way to McDonald's. And who was inside waiting for her? You've guessed 
it, Tom. 

That's all Tanni wanted to see. 

The next day, Tanni ran into Tom. 

‘How's your new girlfriend, then?' she asked him. 

‘What new girlfriend? I haven't got one. I'm still going out with you,
aren't I?' 

‘And two-timing me with Alice?' 

‘Alice is my cousin. I'm helping her with some college work.' 

‘Yeah, sure you are.' 

Tanni later saw Shirley and told her what Tom had said. 

‘Do you believe him?' Shirley asked. 

‘What do you think? Anyway, we're going to find out tonight.' 


‘We are going to McDonald's.' 

‘You serious, Tan?' 

‘Yeah, course I am. Helping her with her homework. Do I look like I was
born yesterday?' 

‘Why don't you just dump him?' Shirley asked. ‘Then go and find someone
else. It'd be a lot easier.' 

‘Trust, me I know what I'm doing.' 

‘That's what worries me.' 

That night the two girls met up before going to McDonald's. They both
had jackets with hoods on so as they could cover themselves up when 
Alice and Tom walked in. 

Once in McDonald's they found a secluded spot, plus the place was full,
easier not to get spotted. Sure enough, Alice turned up first, with a 
bag full of stuff. Minutes later, in walked Tom. After ordering, Alice 

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