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Save The Last Dance for Me (standard:romance, 784 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 16 2017Views/Reads: 300/143Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Gemma and David danced the last dance at the school disco back in the 70s, but it hadn't always been like that between them. They used dislike each other, then one day, it all changed. Read to find out why!

Gemma danced around the floor with her boyfriend. It was the 1975 school
disco. They were dancing to ‘Save The Last Dance For me' by the 
Drifters. They didn't have a care in the world. 

But it hadn't always been like that, in fact, they used to dislike each
other. All through primary school they just couldn't get on. He would 
blame her of being the teacher's pet and going around telling tales. 
They only lived a couple of doors from each other. They were in the 
same class at school, and one day, things got out of hand. 

‘What have you been saying about me?' David said to Gemma, one afternoon
as they were walking home from school. 

Gemma was furious. She had one of her mates with her at the time. David
was always having a go at her. 

‘I ain't said nothing,' she replied in a temper. ‘Why don't you go and
pick on someone else? Why do you always have to pick on girls? I'll 
tell you why, because if you start to pick on boys you'll be frightened 
that they will hit you.' 

David now became angry. 

‘You know very well that's not true. Anyway, at least I'm not the
teacher's pet and spend most of my time telling tales, like you do.' 

‘Get lost, David. You are the only one saying that anyway.' When she
arrived home Gemma was furious. She went running to her mum. 

‘Oh, mum, that David has been saying some terrible things to me.' 

Her mum looked at her. Gemma was always on about David and the things he
had been saying to her. She felt like going around to his house and 
give him a good telling off, but she knew in her own heart that that 
wasn't the solution. She knew from her own experiences that things 
would get better on their own. All it took was time. 

‘Oh, sweetheart, what has he been saying?' 

‘He says that I'm the teacher's pet and that I go around telling tales.'

‘Ignore him, love. Things will get better. Trust me. He'll soon get fed
up of calling you names, if you ignore him. 

Gemma didn't want to ignore him, hoping things would get better. She
wanted to get her own back for him calling her names, like Teacher's 
pet, and she didn't even tell any tales, so she didn't know why he was 
saying such things. 

The next day was a Saturday and when she decided she was going to get
her own back on David. So, when she saw him go out with his mum and dad 
she sneaked into their garden and opened the garden shed and there it 
was; his pride and joy. He thought more about that bike than anything 
else. She had an idea. She was going to hide it, where it would never 
be found. She took the bike from the shed and steered it away, looking 
around to see if any neighbours were watching her. When she thought no 
one was around, off she went. 

Days later, she saw David at school. She had never seen him look so
unhappy. He didn't even bother calling her names. It had got to him, 
and she had never felt so happy. There was nothing sweeter than 
revenge, she thought to herself. 

Then one day, walking home from school, she had an accident. She was
riding her bike home when a car forced her off the road. She lay hurt 
on the ground. David came running to her rescue. He got her to lie 
still till while he ran to a neighbouring house for help. He even 
visited her when she was in hospital for a couple of days. He couldn't 
do enough for her. 

Then one day, she said to him: 

‘Oh, David, I feel so awful. I have done the most terrible thing.' 

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