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Two can play at that Game (standard:romance, 793 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 17 2017Views/Reads: 310/167Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Teri goes looking for one of her friends, then sees her in town with her boyfriend. How could Adele do such a thing? Holding hands with Teri's boyfriend in the precinc. She was going to get her own back for two-timing her. Please read this story with

Teri was looking for one of her mates. She couldn't find her anywhere,
so she headed into town, and there she was standing outside a shop in 
the precinct, but what was she doing with her boyfriend? She couldn't 
believe what was happening. And they were holding hands. She was 
supposed to meet him that night. What was she going to say to him? 

‘Oh, did you have a wonderful time with Adel in the precinct? He wasn't
going to get off that easy. She was going to see to that. 

Leaving the precinct, she went to see one of her other mates on the
other side of town. She wasn't in. Don't say she was out with her 
boyfriend as well. What was going on? Poor old Teri, she wasn't having 
the best of days, then she managed to see her getting off the bus as 
she was making her way home. 

‘Hiya, Tes, how's it going?' 

'It ain't.' 

‘Having a dreadful day, are we?' 

‘Well, it isn't getting any better. I was in town and guess who I saw
with Craig?' 

‘I dunno. Are you gonna tell us?' 

'Only Adele. And they were holding hands.' 

‘You are winding me up? 

‘No, I'm not.' 

‘What you gonna do about it?' 

‘Get my own back, that's what. Fancy helpin' us?' 


‘You call for Adel. I'll meet Craig as I promised I would and I'll meet
you at the leisure centre at seven tonight.' 

That evening came. Teri turned up at the leisure centre with her
boyfriend. Kerry was already there, but Adel wasn't. 

‘Where's Adel Teri asked Kerry, managing to get away from her boyfriend
for a few moments. 

‘She wouldn't come out. I don't know why. I did try. What you gonna do

Teri thought for a second, then answered: 

‘I'll just have to confront him and see what happens.' 

Teri confronted Craig. But he didn't tell her what she wanted to hear.
He told Teri that Adel grabbed his hand when they both saw Teri walking 
along on the other side of the precinct. Teri didn't believe him, but 
she was determined to find out the truth. 

Next evening, she went to Adel's house. She was fuming. She didn't even
bother about the rain that was coming down. She was soaked, but she 
couldn't care less. She just wanted the truth and she was adamant she 
was going to get it. 

She neared Adel's house. She had walked two miles in the pouring rain.
She just hoped she was in. 

‘Hey, I want a word with you,' she said to Adel after she had answered
the door. 

‘What's your problems. And why are you so wet? It's not raining, is it?'
she asked with a grin. 

‘Why were you holding hands with Craig when I saw you both in town the
other day.' 

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