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Change of Heart (standard:romance, 695 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Dec 22 2017Views/Reads: 316/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Millie leaves school and is set to start a new job - one she doesn't want. Read to find out more!

Millie was fed up. She was going to go out, but she changed her mind.
She was sixteen and had just left school. The best she could do was get 
a job at the supermarket. What a career move, she didn't think. Her mum 
and dad had high expectations of her, but they didn't work out. 

With Millie changing her mind about going out, she decided to watch
telly. That is when her mobile rang. 

'All right, Millie?' the voice said on the other end. 'What you are you
up to?' 

'Thinking about that boring job at the supermarket I'm starting
tomorrow. What about you, Kayla?' 

'Oh, I'm fine. I was just thinking about coming around to yours. You
sound like you need cheering up?' 

'Tell you what. I'll meet you in town later?' 

And that is what they did. 

Kayla was her best mate. She had known her since the first day they had
started at infants. They had had some amazing times together, and a few 
fall outs, but they never lasted long. A few of the fall outs were 
about boyfriends, but nothing very serious. 

Later, the two girls met up in town. 

'Why are you so fed up?' Kayla asked. 'You are starting your new job

'I dunno. I expected more out of life. Maybe I should have concentrated
more when I was in school. Maybe I would have got more than a boring 

Next day, Millie started at the boring supermarket. Surprisingly, she
had rather a good day, and she seemed to make a few friends. She soon 
dropped the attitude she started to adopt when she first walked through 
the door. 

The following day, when she turned up for work, this lad appeared. She
couldn't keep her eyes off him. They ended up working together for the 
whole day. They had a fantastic time.  They even had lunch together. 

Then, walking home, Millie was in for a surprise, he asked her out. She
thought she was imagining things. 

‘I dunno,' she said. ‘I'll have to think about it.' 

She did think about it, then, seconds later, she found herself saying
yes. What was she doing? She already had a boyfriend. When she got home 
it was time for her tea, after eating her tea she was going to change 
before meeting him in town. 

‘Are you going out tonight?' her mum asked her. 

‘Yeah, I'm going into town with a mate.' 

Millie finished her tea, then made her way up the stairs to change
before making her way out, but what was she going to wear? She must 
have gone through the whole contents of her wardrobe, still not finding 
anything suitable, then she had an idea – she went into her sister's 
bedroom. She soon found what she wanted in there! Fortunately, her 
sister hadn't come home from work yet. 

Leaving the bedroom, then making her way to the front door, her mum came
out of the lounge. 

‘You are very dressed up for this friend of yours? It's not Mark you are
seeing, is it?' 

‘No, it isn't,' she said abruptly. She couldn't tell her she was seeing
another lad. She'd be wondering what was going on. 

Millie made her way to the bus stop, unable to stop thinking about this
date she was going on. She knew in her own heart she was doing the 
wrong thing. 

She arrived at the cinema, and there he was, waiting for her. As they
were making their way inside, she had another surprise, Mark was on the 
other side of the road, staring straight at her. 

I can't go through with this, she thought to herself, then she left the
lad and made her way across the road. 

‘What were you doing with that lad by the cinema?' Mark asked her,
giving her a strange look. 

‘Nothing,' she replied.' Then she said: ‘Having a change of heart.'
Under her breath. 

Fortunately, Mark didn't force the matter. Millie was relieved, but she
was even more relieved about not going to the cinema with the lad she 
worked with. What was she ever thinking of! 

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