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The Return to Narnia (standard:fantasy, 8249 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 306/185Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sequel to the beloved C.S Lewis Series #7 The Last Battle where a new generation finds the magic and traverses into the realm of the new Narnia after 75 years.

The Return to Narnia: 

By: Nathaniel Miller - ©2019 

Annexation of Series – Sequel to “The Last Battle” (Book #7 by C.S.

The house waited for a visitor, standing open and silent for these last
seventy years, located in the middle of English countryside far from 
city of London. It was this home, many years ago, an adventure had 
began where four children named Peter Susan, Edmund and Lucy had 
stepped through a wardrobe into a fabulous land called Narnia.  The 
house, where they stayed, was where they were sent during the war, away 
from London because of the Air raids. It was a famous house, known well 
everywhere throughout the countryside, owned by a kindly professor 
during the last world war.  They had no expectations of where they were 
to end up, or knew of the portal that would lead them to Narnia.  They 
had just been sent to their destination as arranged to discover the 
great things that lay inside this house on their own. Their own great 
adventures emerged. 

Now, seventy years plus years later, in the year 2005, the house is
silent, the rooms are empty, the floors and roof has fallen into 
disarray. It has long since been abandoned over this time. It was once 
beautiful, quite large, multi-level mansion homes, with turrets on all 
four corners, making it look like a fairy tale castle. It had textured 
shingles on its now rotting roof and the walls a gingerbread texture, 
colored a faded brown with gray trim and many windows.  The garden that 
precedes the home is thick, overgrown and wild. The house itself is an 
empty hulk with only the howling winds rushing through the broken out 
of the windows and down the drafty halls. The only thing left, other 
than the rotting floors, the half-caving roof, is the wardrobe, dusty 
and abandoned. It however, once again, is now the entry point that 
would intermittently open up a portal into Narnia, just as it had done 
seventy years ago. The magic had returned after a very long absence and 
thought closed when the original four returned from their adventures 
from within. 

The house waited, it watched, and strangely, it would not have long for
company, as four children play ball in the meadow nearby. These four 
children, named Rhiannon, James, Amanda and Dakota. They are here 
visiting in Britain from America, exploring the countryside and having 
a picnic with their cousins and family in the warm summer surroundings. 
 They were laughing and carrying on, not knowing of the strange 
adventure they would be starting or undertaking in a few hours. They 
had no idea what had happened before in the house nearby and none had 
even seen the half-covered rotting house in the thick overgrown 
brambles. Their adventure only started when Dakota had thrown the ball 
a bit too high and over Amanda's head. The ball bounced, and went over 
the rotted, dirty white picked fence that marked the outer border of 
the large garden that surrounded the large Victorian house.  She of 
course, chased the ball and almost ran into the fence. The young girl 
had luckily turned her body at the last minute in order to dodge one of 
the pickets that stuck out like a spear. 

“Here it is!” Amanda's voice echoed, rather loudly across the meadow
nearby where they picnicked. She had ran across the meadow, and had 
been running backwards to catch the ball that was missed, ending up in 
the overgrown garden. The young girl had blindly climbed over the 
rotting fence and retrieved the ball that lay upon a few brambles of an 
overgrown rose bush that covers a brick pathway of the garden. When she 
stood up, with the ball in hand that she turned glancing at the house, 
a strange look of fear and recognition appearing on her face. She felt 
something strange here, a magic that she could not identify which 
radiated from the crumbling walls. A strange wind whistled through the 
open windows and it had her full attention.  The young girl just stood 
there, staring at the large old home and did not turn away until she 
was joined by her two brothers and older sister. Her head turned and 
Amanda met their curious stares of her siblings after the oldest 
brother placed a hand on her shoulder. He had literally had to shake 
her to bring her out of her daydream that seemed to have her full 

“What is it Amanda?” asked James, who had joined her with her older
sister Rhiannon. 

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