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The Cloud Mines of Ben Vosa (standard:fantasy, 6563 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 319/196Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A tale of a distant wold and war machine where a ruthless king bullies the galaxy he rules, not knowing as he rebels fight him that a forbidden relationship from his daughter and the Rebel Leader grows to undermine his evil efforts.

The Cloud Kingdom of Benvosa: N.A Miller (2001) 

A lone castle hovered high in the clouds, above the desolate class M
planet called Benvosa. It was here among the gray clouds, steaks of 
lightning and thunderclaps that the cloud city, made of glass and gold, 
hovers on the Benvosian-made Cloud, a man-made structure supported by 
suspensor fields and retro-jets underneath of it. The city itself was 
home to King Minos and Lady Guinevere, the most ruthless king and queen 
to ever be seated on the thrones of the Cloud City, to rule over this 

This planet was also the only source of the mineral Denjan, a mineral
for life support systems across the Empire, and there no other place 
for it to be found in the Empire. It was also a planet and race of 
people divided by two classes who are not allowed to mingle. One was 
the worker class, who are forced to live on the barbaric conditions of 
the planet, with very little technology to assist them to mine the 
mineral from the mines. The other class was the Cloud Class, the 
administrators and rulers of the planet, high in technology, art, and 
literature. They live like gods over the planet, with slaves as 
servants and away from the harsh conditions of the planet far below. 

As King Minos and Queen Guinevere sat on the thrones in the audience
chambers on the Cloud City, both sit there deep in thought as they 
listen to the harp notes from their youngest daughter, Sophia's harp. 
The King was currently deep in thought about the reports he has just 
received, about a rebellion has begun. Five planets have revolted from 
his Empire with the rebels and a fleet now cruises through the 
universe, inciting others to revolt against him and his Empire. What 
they call Tyranny and wrong doing among the people. He also thought of 
Benvosa, the planet below, the planet where the miners currently are 
also striking and revolting, threatening to join the rebellion if their 
demands are not met. 

“All they are demanding was better pay, better work conditions, and more
technology for the people.” The King thought, “And also economic 
equality among the classes. That was totally preposterous. I shall 
crush them instead with my forces instead of negotiating with them.” 

King Minos hatched a plan on how to destroy and quell this little
rebellion, bringing the planets back in line, or destroy them. 

As he sat in his throne, he also looked up at the arch nearby where two
men walked through it, clad in a blue, light blue uniform with yellow 
bars on their shoulders.  He recognized them as his Admirals that he 
had summoned a few minutes ago from the space station where the part of 
the fleet now was docked.  King Minos also saw two other men, one clad 
in a dark green and black uniform, sporting golden body armor and the 
other a grayish uniform trimmed in black, walk in to shake hands with 
the Admirals.  They were the Generals of his armies who he would be 
sending his troops to those planets to retake them and put them back 
into line. It also includes the planet far below them, which had 
stopped working, like the revolting worlds, demanding better pay, 
better working conditions and more technology to better mine the 
mineral they were supposed to be mining. 

“What I will do is utilize my forces and take each planet with a legion
per invasion and hold the planet.” The King thought, “The rebellion 
will fail and cut short securing our great empire for the times to 

“Admiral Connors! Admiral Desmond!” The King thundered, “General McNeil!
General Richter!” The King motioned for them to approach. 

Sophia looked up at the names were spoken by her father, and as the men
appeared from the arch. They are men she was familiar with from her 
youth, having grown up to know them all her life, and seeing them often 
in the castle as they met often with her father. 

“...We have word off the rebellion you speak of majesty.” Conners said
formally, as he bowed, “Per your orders, the Fleet was powering up and 
being supplied as we speak to crush the rebellion in one massive volley 
as they gather at the Ragoon Cluster.” 

“Excellent.” Her father replied greedily, “What about the planets that

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