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The Castle of Dreams (standard:fantasy, 5033 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 313/198Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A castle built by immortals lives in peace during the burning times of the Inquisition, allowing people who are different to live in peace also. But s plot of annexation threatens the peace by a dark betrayal when the castle is exposed to the Inquisition

The Castle of Dreams: (2002) N.A Miller 

The Beginning: 

The long shadow of evening fell upon a castle, built on the coast and
located on the Fjord of Paramour, bordering the mouth of the Glenmore 
River that empties out into the dark blue depths of the sea. This large 
castle, standing here now for three centuries, is the home to a group 
of people who had long ago built it with their own hands and most of 
them immortal beings or those blessed with extraordinary gifts. They 
are all refugees of many lands, banished by their own people over their 
powers and gifts they did not understand. Powers that had been accepted 
at first, later feared, as the Inquisition rampaged across the land, 
persecuting and condemning anything and anyone heretic. 

As for the castle itself, however, is one that has not known any war or
battle, the white stone making up the walls unscathed, unmarked from 
everything except time itself. It has been unchallenged in the three 
centuries that it had been standing and only legend, mystery and only 
stories spread across the land that has kept it a guarded secret. 

The white walls of the castle stand well over a hundred feet high from
the ground to the top. It is built on the fjord of solid stone, 
surrounded by the sharp rocks, the swirling churning sea making it a 
formidable and foreboding place. It is at the edge of the Fjord that 
this place is the edge of a deepwater cove, a thriving seaport that 
serves this castle for ships.  A large island of rock on one side 
protects its flank, from the sea, and on the other side, on the 
mainland, surrounding this place is a fertile valley, with farmlands 
directly outside the castle walls. There is a thick forest beyond that 
spreads out like a sea of green, across the valley to the Algora 
Mountain Range that surrounding this sheltered valley. It is a place of 
peace and prosperity until now. 

It has been only in the one hundred years that there has been more than
just the castle and through the years many people traveled to this 
place from all over. They would know it as a refuge from the dark times 
that now are in this age. A village had sprung up, one of an impressive 
moderate size that formed around the castle. The people have come here 
to live in peace and escape the darkness of the Inquisition that now 
rages across the land. The castle has no king, no ruler, only a council 
of twelve that is the only leadership guiding the people. They are a 
wise and generous council, that guides the people who had taken refuge 
here, with wisdom, compassion and understanding. 

Standing on guard, on top of the wall of the Castle of Dreams, at this
very moment, Tári Melwasúl, one of the immortal residents sits on the 
top of the southern most turrets. The young woman is here on guard, a 
routine watch for the castle, and staring down at the forest and sea. 
It is her turn on the normal routine watch for this castle, where each 
of the immortals took turns with the volunteers who guard the castle, 
ensuring the continued safety of its walls. 

She is an attractive youthful woman, with long brownish red hair that
cascades down her back in a ripple of curls, brown eyes, and a trim 
petite figure. Tara wears a costume of her people, hand stitched by her 
own hand, of fine gray and green leather. Over the top of it, she wears 
the silver forged armor, and her sidearm, cast in her village long ago. 
This is the same village and home that had banished her over a hundred 
years ago, when the church encroached on their village. 

As she performs her watch, her mind is elsewhere, managing to stare now
at the western horizon where a glorious display of blue, purple, gold, 
red and mauve colors cascade across the skyline. A sunset that had been 
uncommon in all the times she had been here at the castle. It made her 
think of her mate, and lover who now traveled the lands on a quest, to 
gather those like themselves. Her lover, who was not here, who shared 
many sunsets and sunrises together embraced in each other's arms. 

“Beautiful.” Tara managed to murmur, smiling as she stared at the
western sky and a cool sea breeze whipped at her long hair. Her smile 
quickly faded, when the sound of a thunderclap echoed across the 

The sound at first made her jump and quickly she turned her head,

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