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The Carnival of War (standard:adventure, 2005 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 394/249Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In the dark days of WW2 when it starts a town has a carnival, not knowing of Pearl Harbor and the bombing to discover they were being shadowed by the new Enemy America faces for the next 4 years.

The Carnival of War N.A Miller 

The lights of the carnival glowed brightly along the sea, reflecting
back upon the still waters of the cove built adjacent to the shore 
where it was built in an open field. Orange lights of the Ferris-wheel 
could be seen brightly a half mile off shore, as well as the blue 
lights of the roller coaster, the various other lights, that blinked 
and sparkled, from the arcade and mezzanine area. These lights 
attracted the hordes of people to its gates, like the pied piper, on 
this cool, December evening, the sounds of joy, laughter, and mirth 
echoing the grounds and the gates. 

In addition to the sounds of music, merriment and mirth, the crowd in
the lines could also smell the strong mixed scents of popcorn, cotton 
candy, and hotdogs. The very smells that make it enticing for the 
visitors, who now arrive here at the gates, despite what had happened 
twelve hours earlier in a far away state that brought the United States 
into a state of war. As it is the even of December the 7th 1941, and 
Pearl Harbor had been bombed at seven in the morning Hawaiian Time. 

The mayor of the town said the use of a carnival would be a great moral
booster to the spirit of war, to ease the pain and suffering of those 
lost at the battle of Pearl, as well as civilians. It would take the 
mind off the questions that would follow now: What would start and hang 
in for the months to come now that the United States was at war. The 
music would sooth the aching agonizing beast within, bringing smiles to 
the faces of the people who gathered for the first day of this carnival 
that would be for the families and the troops that served in a time of 

Jack Johnson held the hand of his mother, as he walked along the path of
the parking lot and as he walked he glanced up at her. He is seven 
years of age, tall for his age with brown hair, gray eyes, and a stocky 
build. He has a square jaw like his father and unusually large hands.  
His father is in the military right now, as war broke out against the 
Japanese Empire, and he had been with a group in the clock tower on the 
base that eliminated three zeros by trickery. They had been lured by 
two of our planes (that had finally got up) and the group in the tower, 
plus these planes turned the tables on the attacking force. 

“This way Jack...” His mother told him and he nodded, his gray eyes
studying the beauty of his mom carefully when he sensed her worry.  He 
peered at her long brown hair, and the butterfly pin, that was 
positioned in the center of the mass of hair. His eyes moved down to 
the simple baggy dress made of cotton, designed with simple striped 
pattern and she wore black pull on sandals. Her face was made up 
partially. She really didn't take the time to make herself up properly 
for a trip to the carnival where she would be seen in public. All he 
really knew is that his mom had not received a letter from dad lately, 
neither a check from him nether. She was visibly upset, and worried 
that something had happened to him while he served at Pearl during the 

Jack followed his mother toward the lights and the gates where a line
formed and the corny carnival music echoed the grounds as it played 
over the speakers located nearby. The boy managed a smile as performers 
approached, juggling balls, or balancing items on canes.  Other people 
smiled and pointed, applauding or cheering as they passed them by. 

They paid for the tickets and stepped through the gates together. She
smiled at the sight of the Ferris wheel that loomed above them, amidst 
the catwalks and rails of the roller coaster that surrounded it. Her 
gaze was transfixed on the wheel, and it was the tugging of the sleeve 
of her tunic, that made her shake her head and look down to smile at 
her son. The Ferris wheel had been the first place that she and her 
husband Jack, had been on when he proposed to her. 

“So what do you want to do first Jacky?”  She asked, using the nickname
for him that distinguished him from his father. The boy looked up at 
her in silence pointing silently at the roller coaster. His mom shook 
her head sarcastically. 

“Ohhh no...” She said, “Your father scared me on those. How bout the
Ferris wheel instead honey? You are a bit small to go on that alone 

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