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The Shipwreck (standard:adventure, 2802 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 182/103Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Southern Bell of the 1880's Era travels to meet her mail order husband only to find herself shipwrecked on an island in the Fiji Island Chain.

The Shipwreck: By Nathaniel Miller 

Inspired on picture: The Caves of the Island of Fiji 

A beam of sunshine cascaded down from the cloud-filled blue sky, from
the many holes through the red rock that makes up the shelter above the 
secluded beach where two unconscious bodies lie on the reddish brown 
sand of the beach below. They have just survived a storm at sea that 
have brought them here, the same storm that scuttled their Clipper Ship 
off the coast of this island, when it was forced aground on the reef by 
the rough surf and winds during their journey to Australia. 

The island they had run aground upon was a legend in the South Pacific
by other sailors of many other nations who spoke of voodoo, evil magic, 
and tempers of the sea. The island was called Skull Island. Not because 
the island was shaped like the human skull, but the rock formation in 
which wary castaways found themselves, looked like the face of a skull. 
It had two eyes, a nose, and a skull like jaw that sat on the beach, 
overlooking the reef that would attract wary vessels to their doom. Or 
so the legend went. 

As the first young woman awakened, she opened her eyes slowly, her blue
eyes fuzzy, as they focused upon the interior of the rock covering 
them. She was disoriented by the rough landing ashore, washed overboard 
when a wave whipped them of the deck of the disabled ship into the 
rough seas. It took everything they had to swim and survive, fighting 
to swim to shore. When her vision finally cleared, and her head cleared 
a little more, the young woman managed a low gasp. She turned her head 
to scan her surroundings quickly and to her companion who also lies on 
this beach with her. 

Their names are Patty LeBlanc, a white plantation owner's daughter from
Louisiana and her black house slave, Carolina Banks. Both are glad to 
be alive and well ashore, but stunned to realize that it is on a 
deserted island. 

“Where are we?” Patty asked, and she reached over to nudge Carolina who
lay next to her. 

“Carolina...” Patty said sternly, and the young black woman shook her
head to moan as she sat up, meeting the concerned look of her mistress. 

“Yez missus.” The black maiden replied sharply, nodding her head. 

“Are you alright Carolina?” 

“Yez, Missus.” replied the black woman, grimacing as she stretched, and
peered slowly about to their surroundings as Patty had just a few 
moments ago. 

“Any idea wherez we are, missus?” Carolina asked, and Patty shook her
head slowly. 

“We seem to be alone here, Carolina.” Patty replied, and she managed a
groan as she slowly stood up. 

The young white woman, Patty, for this trip was on her way to her own
wedding, married to an Australian in Sydney, down under. She had hopped 
a clipper ship at San Francisco with Carolina and Darcy, her house 
maidens and traveled with them across the ocean to this rendezvous in a 
far off land. The only problem now was they had been pushed off course 
by the strong storm at sea by hundreds of miles and causing their ship 
to be wrecked on the beach. 

Patty is about twenty-two years of age, with long blond hair, green
eyes, a fantastic, but athletic figure and she is the youngest of five 
sisters. She lived on her father's plantation in Louisiana with her 
sisters, her mother and their slaves on a large settlement of land that 
had been in her family for several generations. She had been courted by 
a young man by mail from Australia, a rich plantation owner in his own 
right, and he had asked for her hand to marry her and wanted her to 
come to him for their wedding in the land down under. She had accepted 
and packed her stuff, taking her house maidens with her. 

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