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The Shipwreck (standard:adventure, 2802 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Oct 20 2019Views/Reads: 220/133Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Southern Bell of the 1880's Era travels to meet her mail order husband only to find herself shipwrecked on an island in the Fiji Island Chain.

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Her house maiden, Carolina Saints is from originally Port of Spain from
the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She was taken from her home in 1846 
at the age approximate of ten, and hijacked to the United States. It is 
currently the year 1853 A.D and Carolina is twenty now herself, 
educated by Patty's family to work in the plantations newly established 
in the southeast region of the new world. Her sister, Darcy Saints also 
was taken, a tad bit younger than Carolina, and she received the same 
treatment, taught to work as a house slave with her sister. She was not 
too sharp when it came to many things, but she could cook, clean, and 
had skills with animals, mainly horses, and running the plantation. 

Now they were together on this uncharted island with no doubt unknown
number of survivors who lived through the ordeal of the derelict 
Clipper Ship. 

“My land... What a rough landing.” Patty mused, glancing at Carolina who
was dressed in a long nightshirt, and she glanced down at herself in 
alarm. Both were not exactly dressed for the island where they now 
found themselves. In fact, Carolina's shirt was ragged, revealing her 
budding stems of womanhood through the white shirt that she wore around 
her. The last thing they remembered was having to abandon ship to the 
lifeboats when they ran aground in the reef and a torrent of water 
washed through the passage as they opened the door. They had barely 
made it out form below decks like the many other passengers and crew of 
the Clipper Ship to the deck. 

She remembered that night almost vividly as she lay in the hammock bed
the crew had provided for Carolina and Darcy her house maidens next to 
her hammock near the bulkhead of the ship. Patty remembered how violent 
the storm had been, making the hammocks rock and swing violently. The 
ship lurched as it was blasted by the wind, thrown by the white-capped 
waves, tossed two and fro between the weather and waves. They could see 
the lightning flash through the porthole of their cabin, and hear the 
thunder that followed. Patty had dove into a hammock as her house 
maidens held on for their lives to a central beam that attached to 
number two mast. The waves thundered and the water hissed as they 
slammed against the hull of the Clipper Ship. 

“We'z gonna die Miss Patty!” Darcy quailed, and she turned her head to
the pale faces of her house maidens, who like her were scared. She 
frowned as they returned her gaze, shaking her head. 

“Steady Darc.” Patty snapped, “Have faith, we'll be okay, ya'll see.”
She said sweetly. 

“Oh sweet Jesus, hep me! We be sin'kn!” Carolina barked, as she knelt
down on her knees, and felt the water that flowed by her feet. 

Outside the door, they could all hear shouting as men from the Clipper,
the crew worked frantically as men shouted orders. Water washed under 
the door and down the passageway outside their cabins. There were 
thirty five passengers and mostly cargo bound for the land down under, 
being it a very long journey, under the worst conditions possible. 

“Secure those lines!” A voice shouted, as there was a crunch, and
something struck their door. Carolina yelped as she withdrew to the 
other side of the room, clearly afraid for their lives. 

“Navigator reports a reef to the port side!” Another voice shouted. 

“Land Hoooo!” A voice shouted, “It just appeared there, I don't think
we're going to miss the reef.” 

Suddenly the lantern lights that lit their cabin were extinguished as a
cold wind whipped through the porthole. Carolina and Darcy ran toward 
Patty who was thrown to the deck from the hammock, and onto her knees 
in two inches of water that flowed on the floor. They heard a wrenching 
sound from somewhere below decks, as the bottom of the ship scraped 
against the coral reef. 

“Cut her to port, and try to keep it off the reef!” The Captain ordered
and pointed at the wheel, as a sailor turned the wheel quickly to the 
left. There was a crunch as the ship seemed to lurch forward and it 
slowed to stop, leaning over to the right. 

“We've ran aground, we're taking on water Captain!” A voice shouted. He
puffed on his pipe for a moment and nodded. 

“Break out the life rafts and get all the passengers off the ship with
everything they can carry only.” He ordered and a couple of sailors 
disappeared into the passage. 

A moment later, Carolina, Patty and Darcy looked up as a knock sounded
on their door. 

“Abandon ship! Everyone head to the life boats on the deck!” A stern
voice shouted. Darcy paled, as they quickly carried two suitcases and a 
couple of canvas bags. Water now six inches deep washed through their 
cabin and Carolina touched the door that flew open as a surge of water 
entered, throwing them back with the current. 

Darcy screamed in terror, as she struggled against the current. 

“Take my hand Miss!” A sailor said, and he grabbed Carolina, Darcy, and
then Patty's hand, helping them navigate the dark waters to the stairs 
leading to the deck. Here, they had their bags as they stood in the 
rain and waves roared as they thundered over the deck. 

Lightning continued to flash over them, and thunderclaps, as the roar of
the waves continued to splash, whisking several over the side into the 
churning water. Sailors dove in with secured life lines to help them. 

“Get the boats to shore if possible... and...” 

A moment later, Patty and Carolina both found themselves in the water,
whisked about by the churning waves. Sailors ran and swam for them. But 
they were pulled under the water by a big wave and silence seemed to 
fill their ears. They came to the surface as a roar of the waves washed 
around them. Then they lost consciousness, washing up on the beach, 
alone, beneath a hollow rock shell. 

Now they were alone on the island, sitting on the beach, listening to
the lapping water, the warm rustling of the wind, and the various birds 
chirping around them on what appeared to be a serene scene of a beach. 
How they got safely to the island is a mystery. Both seemed disoriented 
by the surroundings. Patty noted only Carolina was with her. 

“W-where's yare sista, Carolina?” Patty asked suddenly, her head turning
sharply as she scanned the beach where they had been lying. 

“I- I don knaw, Miss Patty.” Carolina replied in alarm, jumping up to
her feet, swooning slightly as she ran to the edge of the water. The 
first thing she did was to quickly grab a large trunk from the water, 
pulling it ashore, as well other trunks and luggage that floated freely 

“Darcy!” Carolina yelled, “Whare ar ya sis?” 

Moving to a nearby hole, she peered through it, and it led to the other
side to an open part of the beach and what appeared to be a tropical 

“It looks dis is da way out miz Patty.” Carolina said pointing to the
opening and the white woman nodded. 

Carolina ran past the opening along a path, and she peered through
smaller openings as a warm breeze and the strong smells of the jungle 
overwhelmed their senses. Smiling she saw the prone form of her sister 
quickly, but managed a frown when she noted her clothes were in 
disarray. A bloody body lay nearby, another white man lay with his 
throat slashed, and his genitals cut from his body nearby. There were 
marks upon Darcy's semi-nude form. 

Quickly Carolina covered her sister's dead body. A cut on her arm and a
stab wound on her abdomen marked the violence on her person. The girl's 
older sister knelt beside her. She had been raped by a crewman of the 

“Did y'all find haer Carolina?” Patty asked and turning her head the
young colored woman nodded her head. 

“Hello!” A voice cried out, “Ahoy! Anyone here?” 

Patty gasped at the sound of the male voice, and glanced at Carolina who
was kneeling beside her dead sister's body. 

“Yes right hear!” Patty replied loudly, as she hobbled toward her
house-maiden and soon stood next to her violated body, managing a gasp. 

“Oh my God.” The white girl gasped, turning her head as she heard

“Over here!” She shouted and a moment later, a man, leaning on a y
stick, clad in uniform of the ship, a couple of what appeared to be 
crew members, and four people clad in rags and makeshift bandages. 

“I am Purser John Allen Smith of the ship.” The man in uniform said,
“Are you both alright?” 

“Patty LeBlanc, my House Maiden, Carolina Saints.” She said, making the
introductions fast and then motioned to her sister. Carolina shook her 

“That was my sister, Darcy Saints, but she's dead. It appears she was
stabbed and killed after being raped by what appears to be a crew 
member of the ship.” 

There was a wince and a frown on the face of the Purser who hobbled
toward the bodies and he scanned the scene quickly. 

“I agree, but we'd better get them in the ground like the others before
we start disease to spread.” He suggested and he nodded to the others. 

“Start gathering up the rest of the luggage and trunks for clothing and
bandages and anything we can use.” He ordered, “We're going to be here 
for a while. I have a couple of scouting parties looking for more 
passengers from the ship, a few going to the remains of our ship to 
take what we can from it, and one looking for food and water.” 

“How many are you, anyway sir?” Carolina asked and he glanced at her. 

“Besides the passengers, we have myself and at least six of my brave
lads. We lost many of the passengers from the storm. Many were washed 
into the waves, and the others we don't know what happened to them. 
Total, there are eighteen of us, mix between passengers and crew. We'll 
be okay if we can find water, food and survive this ordeal. Chances are 
good Miss...” 

Patty and Carolina both did not feel very comfortable with the speech he
had just given, and felt that the passengers were just expendable, and 
if rescued were just going to be left behind. She sensed the purser was 
a dishonest man, and an untrustworthy man. 

A while later, after getting the report, the passengers who were able
helped unload the wrecked Clipper ship that was partially submerged on 
the reef, and all the supplies were taken to an encampment the crew had 
built. They had found a lot of the pans and pots from the galley, food 
stuff from the hold, luggage from the rooms and major supplies from the 
hold that would hopefully hold them until their rescue. 

Both women had no idea when they was going to be, but at least they were
not alone on this island, with help and others that in numbers would 
protect them from the adventures to come, if it came to any. 

“And God hep us, Miz Patty.” Carolina whispered, “God hep us all.” 

“Oh I know Carolina.” Patty whispered back, “And I hope he comes soon in
the form of ship. I jus don't like that man.” 

They were safe for the moment, ashore and despite the encampment and the
men from the ship. Both women had no idea what is to come of them an 
how long before a rescue will come. They had to put their trust in that 

“I'd keep watch, missus.” Carolina said, “I'z don't like dose men.” 

“I agree with ya, Carolina.” Patty replied and they kept diligent watch
and stayed clear from the group as much as they could. Something was 
rotten in Denmark, as the cliché went, and Patty suspected it was the 
purser. She was right. 

He tied up the passengers, Patty and Carolina hiding in the jungle
watching and waiting as their suspicions was made true. The purser was 
a pirate and they were nothing but slaves and bounty for them to be 
sold on the slave trade. 

The young women realized that it would be a matter of time. Either they
would be slaves soon too, dead, or marooned on this island. They knew 
help was on its way to the purser and it was not going to be the help 
they needed. It would be his pirate pals who would come for them with 
all hope lost. 

“Goodbye Mick.” Patty breathed, as stared into their fire and her
fiance's face a passing memory into history. 

They were alone. 

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