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The Latex Flower (standard:horror, 6211 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Oct 24 2019Views/Reads: 408/252Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An alien race invade Earth and use human females as hosts to carry on their race and culture.

The Latex Flower by Erwin Stevens 1994 © 

It was a warm summer day in Spring Valley, a small community on the
southern part of California. School was out for the summer, and the din 
of children at play filled the dry desert air as Cynthia Erickson rode 
home from the airport, after a long flight to come down from the school 
in Oregon. As she settled in, that later, still dressed in her school 
clothes that she walked in the heat of the afternoon, early evening and 
the sounds of children at play and the smell of barbeques foretold the 
onset of evening. Cynthia herself is glad to be home after the long 
school year. It had been a long year for her away, and she longed to 
see her friends and family. 

The young woman was finally home, having just turned eighteen that
spring she had fully entered the contrary phase of her adult-hood and 
found the experience quite trying. Enduring the long cross-country trek 
had been bad enough, but her parents had compounded this by treating 
her like a child and embarrassing her at the worst moments over the 
phone. Cynthia wanted to come home on the train, but her parents had 
insisted she flown, a long flight that she would be stuck aboard an 
airplane. Still, the young woman was thankful to be home again, at 
last. As soon as she had entered the house that she immediately had 
called up her best friend, Megan and now is on her way over to her 

Little changed in Spring Valley, a small town located on the
northwestern border of Death Valley, CA and Cynthia normally alternated 
between frustration and comfort at that fact. As she walked over to 
Megan's house, something filled her with unease, but she wasn't able to 
put her finger on the problem. Spring Valley was a small bedroom 
community, and Cynthia's corner of town was home to lots of families. 

By the time she had reached Megan's front door, Cynthia realized the
problem she had not seen any teenagers around, just a lot of little 
kids playing. There seemed to be a cheerful, subdued note in the air 
and yet something alien too. Still, it was nearing suppertime and she 
put away her concerns as she knocked on Megan's door. Megan who was the 
same age was her best friend and she could not wait to see her ever 
since she had been on her way home. 

"Come in, Cynthia." Welcomed Anne Marie Forester, Megan's mother, "How
was your trip in?" 

"It was okay," Cynthia replied simply, not looking at Meg's mother in
the eye and how she was dressed today. She had held her gaze to the 

"Good, Megan's up in her room waiting for you." She did not note the
latex covering over Megan's mom's body that was practically see through 
at this stage, showing her swollen nipples and bare breasts as a 
tendril remained in her mom's swollen wet vaginal passage. Her swelled 
belly told her that there was something unusual happening. 

"Thanks." Cynthia quickly shot up to Megan's bedroom, barely containing
herself. She hadn't seen her friend in a long time and had plenty of 
things to tell her. 

Cynthia entered Megan's room unannounced, as only best friends can, but
no sooner than she entered got the shock of her lifetime. Megan was 
sitting on the edge of her bed completely naked! Cynthia had seen Megan 
naked before, but only when they were changing clothes. Megan got up as 
soon as Cynthia had walked in, and approached her friend with a forlorn 
look on her normally smiling face. She stepped up to hug her friend, 
and as she did, her naked bare body rubbed against her. Cynthia also 
noted a sweet fragrance in the air that over powered her senses. 

"Hey there Cynth," Meg said, "I'll be right with you, I thought would
grab a quick shower and be ready by the time you got here. I guess 
apparently not." Cynthia smiled, and yet was uncomfortable at the 
greeting by her friend. Megan turned to walk across the room to the 
dresser, opening it and from within she pulled a halter-top and a pair 
of shorts overalls, throwing them on the bed. 

Meg, the same age, turned to face her friend and Cynthia stared at her
body, the 31B breasts, her magnificent figure and the formidable curves 

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