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Martha Stewart goes to Prison (standard:Satire, 7337 words)
Author: Erwin A.StevensAdded: Oct 24 2019Views/Reads: 366/240Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What REALLY happened to Martha Stewart after she went to da "Big House" after breaking the Law...

Martha Stewart goes to prison: E.A Stevens. 

(Adult Situations, mature Content - no one under 16 Recommended) 

Martha Stewart after she was sentenced was taken out to the courtroom
and she was marched with the armed guard, a full figured blond toward 
the holding cell. The guard had the handcuffs on her and yet she held 
Martha's arm, keeping her under control as she was taken down the 

“Stop here.” The guard said, turning to unlock a door to a room. Martha
was dressed in the black dress for court and the time was over, she was 
on her way to prison.  It is here she was still stunned by the verdict 
and her reputation besmirched by this scandal. 

As the guard opened the door with another hand, roughly Martha felt
herself pushed inside and after pushing her inside the guard stepped in 
behind to close the door. In her arms she held an orange jumper, the 
common prisoner's garb. She herself had been sentenced to five months 
in prison for the crime of the inside stock trading and illegal trading 
then later to have five months under house arrest to finish out the 
ten-month sentence. 

When the celebrity saw the jumper, she grimaced. 

“Strip!” The guard snarled and Martha turned to glare at her. Only the
first of the home design guru's problems to start and her troubles were 
only just beginning. 

“Now.” The guard snarled and she lanced out to strike the home design

Martha winced when the guard's hand struck her on her face and feeling
the sting watch the guard step back, waiting for compliance. 

“If you don't I will tear them from your body.” The guard snarled and
slowly Martha unbuttoned her blouse. The blouse hung open, and her 
semi-large breasts spilled out in the lacey beige bra.  Slowly she 
peeled off the shirt and unhooked the skirt she wore around her. It 
slowly slid down to her ankles and she reached down to peel down the 
hose she wore over the thick cotton panties she wore over her fairly 
trim body despite she was sixty two. 

“The undergarments as well.” The guard snarled and Martha reached up
slowly and slipped one arm from the loops and then the other. The guard 
reached out and withdrawing a knife cut the bra away to tear it from 
her body. Quickly also, the guard ripped off the underwear, and Martha 
stood naked in the room. 

Here the design guru started to weep, realizing her dream was over, as
she was a convict for five months in the State Penn, and then house 
arrest for another five. No more making curtains or Hollywood Dinners.  
She was poked and prodded by the Doctor and checked over thoroughly as 
the guard looked on, lusting for the older woman who was a known 
celebrity in her own right. 

“Damn Martha is hot.” The guard thought, staring at the semi-trim body
of the TV star, “Even for sixty two.”  Martha's body was trim, despite 
the some sag she had, and between her thighs thick pussy hair covered 
her mound. Her ass was large and sagging, but not as bad as the guard 
would have thought. 

After her check Martha dressed in the itchy orange jumper of a convict,
and marched down the hallway by the same guard and to the entrance 
where convicts arrived at the courthouse. There she would be 
transferred to an awaiting vehicle and taken to her destination. But in 
the mean time, the home design guru was getting strangely aroused by 
the jumper and not knowing it was treated with warming gel that 
suddenly had her body sizzling. Martha squirmed slightly at the warming 
feelings on her nipples that grew hard, her cunt growing wet, and her 
clit swelling to rub against the jumper. She was taken to the van and 
there was the guard who came from the prison waiting for her.  She was 
put inside it, handcuffed to the seat loops in the back of the van and 
they started off. 

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