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The Lake of Yesteryear (standard:Suspense, 5598 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Feb 03 2020Views/Reads: 193/99Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Sr Class Outing of a Japan Girl's School goes to camp at a lake, the site of a murder 20 years prior where a strange occurrence turns one girl's life upside down.

The Lake of Yesterday N.A Miller It had been on my senior year that I
had changed, changed from what I had been before, an attractive young 
Japanese Senior at my High School, a tall, a slim muscular figured 
young woman with a rounded face, long black hair that drapes to my mid 
back, and dark eyes into something completely different. What would 
happen would change my life drastically from which I could not explain, 
but it had to do with a switch of one life for another. 

As we traveled here, from Nanukamachi to Lake Onogawa, thirty of us were
on a bus for at least four hours. It is a senior outing, where the 
all-girl school would treat us to this gathering before graduation.  
When we would arrive, our journey would switch to a boat, and we were 
taken to the camp area that is five miles east from the ski area at 
Onogawa Ski area. 

We got there in the late afternoon, and camp was setup quickly. It is an
unusually hot day for this area in Japan, and we were thoroughly sweaty 
and hot, longing to take a swim after setup was complete before dinner. 
 I was deep in thought the whole time, uneasy at coming to this lake, 
the story of a young girl drowned here with her mother and siblings at 
these campgrounds twenty-years ago by one of her family members. I did 
not like that they had brought us here where we might all end up the 
same way, this place so remote and secluded like it is. 

"Marikou." A voice said, "Hurry up." 

I shook my head and turned, glancing at my classmate who had changed
into her swimsuit.  My friend Keiko and I both shared a tent together 
with two others girls and we had paused to take turns changing into our 
suits.  My best friend and I are in the same classes, Literature, 
Science, and even in Glee class. She had been my friend for a long 
time, ever since we were young and together often as we grew up.  
Naturally, we were together a lot in and out of school, practically a 
sister to me. 

I stood up and I peered down at my body, grimacing as I slipped on my
Bikini bottoms, and top over my narrow, muscular frame. Keiko nodded 
and she took my hand, pushing aside the flap and we both walked down 
the path to the water's edge. 

A warm breeze blew our hair, and everyone had jumped in laughing and
carrying on. I did not know why I felt uneasy, and quite strangely. I 
had read a lot about the murder of the young girl here at this lake, at 
this very campsite and still did not feel comfortable coming to this 
place.  I had a talent of sensing things from time to time that was out 
of the ordinary and I was afraid of what I might sense here during the 
few days we were going to stay. The teachers had insisted we would be 
safe despite the news and stories associated with it. All the bodies 
had been recovered, and there nothing sinister was going to happen as 
the father arrested for the crime, safely behind bars. It had been a 
simple crime of passion for another woman. 

However, I was not convinced, it was not the criminal or anyone who was
involved that worried me, it was the paranormal that bothered me.  A 
violent scene usually constituted a violent paranormal activity at the 
site of a crime scene. I did not want to see what happened here, or be 
in the middle of a violent play of events that happened here long ago 
that could endanger us all. I never played with a Ouija board, dabbled 
in the occult, like witchcraft, where I could summon demons or anything 
strange like that.  I had a talent that made me sensitive to feelings, 
emotions and a touch of ESP, which I sometimes could tell you when 
something was going to happen before it did.  I already had sensed 
something sinister here, and I tried not to show any emotion by it. My 
guard was up; however, not knowing what lay ahead. 

Keiko frowned, shaking my arm when she had noticed my distance and
almost brooding silence.   I usually was laughing and joking with the 
others, taking about the boys and other things. She knew I had a crush 
on Aikira who was in my class, a young handsome boy who was outgoing, 
spirited and very athletic. She wondered if I was just brooding because 
she did not get a chance to go to a dance with him over the weekend we 
would be here. 

"Marikou, are you alright?" 

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