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The Clock (standard:horror, 1476 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Feb 03 2020Views/Reads: 196/97Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A brother and sister are lost traveling, and end up in a spooky house, which is said to be haunted and find a nasty spirit waiting.

"The Clock" Inspired by a news feed Comment by UNBEAR of N.A

"Dum, dum, dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" - Unbear 

An old grandfather clock chimed on a stormy night in the old house as it
stood in the hallway. Flashes of lightning sparked in the night sky 
from the billowing black clouds that hovered like demons in the night. 
Thunder rumbled quickly after each spark of lightning, making eerie 
shadows upon the gnarled trees that stood around the dilapidated home. 
Rain drops pattered nosily on the roof as the rain literally was 
dispensed from the sky, water free flowing everywhere making the gravel 
road a stream and impassible by visitors to its doors. 

Except one: Billy Ray Smith huddled in the corner of the living room
with his younger sister Catherine, soaked and shivering as they 
listened with wide eyes to the creaks and groans of the old house. 
There is no lights save a lantern Billy had found in the kitchen and he 
thought he could hear moaning somewhere in the rooms around him. 

Another creak and groan, and he thought he heard footsteps walking above
him. He reached for the revolver that he had brought with him. 

“Someone is there Billy!” His younger sister whispered and he turned his
head to frown. 

“Shush.” He told her annoyed, “If anyone is here, we don't want them to
find us very quickly. Besides if they come, I have the revolver.” 

“I don't like it here, can't we risk the storm?” She whined, and he

“We are very far from where the town we passed through, I think, and I
don't think I want to risk the storm or an accident before we know 
where we are.” 

Another flash brightened the room, and another crackling thunderclap
echoed through the forest around them. More creaks and what sounded 
like footsteps echoed through the eerie old house. Billy, lifting the 
revolver, held it steady, checking it briefly over. 

“Good loaded.” He thought, flipping the chamber closed with a click. 

Together they could hear the constant ticking of the clock in the next
room, driving them mad by the annoying sound that it made.  Nodding to 
his sister, they both stood up and he motioned for her to follow. 

“We should see if there is anything here we can use.” He told her, “Let
me go first, since I have the revolver.” 

“Okay Billy.” She replied, taking his offered hand and they stealthily
crept to the door. Leading with the pistol, both slipped through the 
door, and crouched with the light behind the table. Listening intently, 
they paused before they moved through the hallway toward the stairs. 
Together they climbed them quickly, and at the top of the stairs they 
positioned themselves out of sight near the edge of the wall. 

They had left the lantern on the bottom floor, and he slowly poked his
head to peek around the corner. 

“Okay sis, this way.” He said, and carefully they made their way down
the hallway, careful around the open doors. Peering in each door, they 
saw no one in them and together they entered the Master Bedroom. Here, 
they found another lantern and lighting it, the light spilled brightly 
over the interior of the room. 

Little did they know that something sinister waited for them in the
adjacent bathroom, a tall, transparent, specter-like creature that 
sucked souls that was trapped here in this house as a prisoner, feeding 
off the visitors and stragglers that would come to the interior of this 
place for refuge. 

It is about six feet in height, its body covered in a shell of what
appeared to be leather and lace over the thin silk shirt, and woolen 
pants, that it wore over its body. The creature had no face, just a 

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