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The Themed Resort (standard:travel stories, 2929 words)
Author: Nathaniel MIllerAdded: Feb 03 2020Views/Reads: 178/122Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dysfunctional family go on a vacation to a themed ranch to find a sinister twist, when you choose the theme, you really are there.

The Themed Resort 

N.A Miller 

(c) 2019 

Sam Bennett stood outside the travel agency with his wife peering at the
sign in the window with his wife Candy. He had with his wife had 
shopped down here with their kids, seeing a movie at the local theater 
a hundred times, and had never noticed the agency or the family 
vacations that it offered. It had been a long time since he, as an 
attorney working in Washington DC, at a successful practice, had taken 
the time with his wife and four children on a family vacation. He 
grimaced at the sign and his mind began to whirl. 

Sam is forty one, an attorney in Washington DC, tall and lanky, but
fairly muscular despite what he did for a living. He has short brown 
hair, brown eyes, and is clad in a suit and tie as always. A rarity 
that he had any time off. His wife Candy is young, about thirty-five, a 
model with long blond hair, curvy body, blue eyes and quite attractive. 
They had found each other in a Hollywood party when he had been with an 
associate in California, helping with a case with him out there. They 
seemed to hit it off immediately and after six months, married each 

“And that had been decades ago.” I thought, glancing at my wife who, as
always was cold to him in the last two years, constantly fighting over 
money, and her moving to Baltimore to be with him. It had been fine at 
first, their marriage, but it was not until the first two kids came 
along that it seemed to be more about getting pregnant, to fight over 
money than actual love. 

I shook my head, glancing at the sign again, and glanced at my wife
again. I began to wonder if a family vacation for all of them would be 
a good thing, perhaps over the holidays in which he could arrange time 
off for a little family time. 

Here I glanced at the sign again, grimacing, almost scoffing arrogantly
at the ridiculous claim that it showed there. 

'Come one, Come all... Travel to the Themed resort, where it is so real
that it will astound and amaze you. A vacation of the futures to come.' 

“You know that might not be bad.” I thought, and made a mental note to
come back here another time, as myself, wife and four children 
continued walking down storefront row in the old section of downtown 

Monday came, and once again I was on the bullet train, bound for
Washington DC, and as I sat in my seat, I grimaced as I glanced 
absently at the outside countryside that sped by and nodded 
convincingly to myself. I made the decision to do this and indeed would 
visit the agency come Friday, and arrange the best vacation my family 
had ever seen. 

Little did any of them know that the agency had been right on. You could
choose the theme, from in your room, changing the interior, not unlike 
the Holodeck of Star Trek the Next Generation TV show, but a sinister 
surprise awaited the person who close the theme. 

When Friday came, after working long hours over the week, I managed to
park the car and step out , closing the door, walking toward the shop 
where I had seen this vacation. As I stepped into the shop in the 
storefront row in old Baltimore, my home, my gaze glanced about the 
office, at the many cubical walled desks that were here, and at the 
posters of many glorious places for vacations around the world that 
were plastered on the wall. 

A young woman looked up from her desk facing the door and she stood up
quickly, smiling as she greeted me. 

“Hi, my name is Julie...” The woman said, moving toward me, “Julie

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