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Hands Off, he's Mine (standard:romance, 996 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Feb 14 2020Views/Reads: 175/106Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sienna finds this boy living next door to her. She can't keep her eyes off him. Then she finds out he is about to start at the same school she attends.

Sienna couldn't understand what was going on. Life was getting too much
for her. She hated school; that was probably her biggest problem. She 
was always looking for excuses not to attend. She was always pretending 
not to be well. Then, one day, everything changed when new neighbours 
moved in across the road from her. 

‘Hi, I'm Craig, ‘he said to her, waiting for her to tell him what her
name was. 

‘Oh, I'm Sienna,' she answered, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off
him. It was a though she was in a trance and likely to stay in one for 
a long time. 

Days later, she just happened to find out what school he was going to.
There was a choice of about three in the area she lived. She found out 
he was going to hers. Did that change everything? Next morning, she was 
up and dressed and ready. She was looking out of the window, watching 
for Craig leaving his house. 

Next minute, there she was at the door, ready to pounce as she saw him
making his way down the garden path of his house. She hurried over to 

‘Hi, can I walk to school with you,' she asked, with a look of

‘Course you can,' Craig answered, relieved he had someone to walk into
school with on his first day. 

When they got inside, they found out they were in the same form class.
Was Sienna relieved. She was going to make sure no other girl was going 
to get her hands on him. She was his. She had spotted him first. As far 
as she was concerned nobody had any right to go near him. 

As the day finished, she waited by the gate for him. They walked home
together. Craig seemed happy to have someone to talk to. Then when they 
got to the road, they both lived, they went their separate ways 

All night, all Sienna could think about was Craig. She couldn't get him
out of her head. She couldn't sleep. She tried everything to go to 
sleep. She even counted sheep and that didn't work. 

Next morning, after getting up, she went downstairs to have her
breakfast. She couldn't stop yawning. She must have had about two hours 
sleep, and she had to go to school. That was one thing she didn't want 
to do, but she wasn't going to miss walking to school with Craig. 

After having her breakfast, Sienna made her way out of the front door,
still eating some toast, and there he was, making his way out of the 
front door of his house. 

They both started to walk to school together. Sienna was so happy; she
didn't want the walk to school to end. 

Break time came and Sienna saw Craig talking to this girl. She wasn't
happy in the least. In fact, she was jealous. No girl was going to have 
him. She was certain of that, so she had an idea. After hanging around 
the school gate, once school was over, Sienna saw Craig making his way 
towards her. She had nothing to lose. 

‘Hi, Craig.' 

‘Hi, Sienna, you OK?' 

‘Yeah, I'm fine. What time are you picking me up to take me to the
pictures, then? 

Craig looked puzzled. He had to think for a moment. That was all he
could do. He didn't even know he was taking her to the pictures, so he 
wasn't going to let her down. 

‘Pick you up from your house at six-thirty?' 

‘Yeah, fine. Six-thirty is fine,' 

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