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Ellie's Attempt To leave Home (standard:romance, 858 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Feb 15 2020Views/Reads: 175/100Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ellie moves to a new area and decides she hates it and heads back home, but has she made the right decision? Only time will tell!

Ellie found it difficult to cope. She had just moved to a new school.
She took one look at it and just hated it. What a horrible building, 
was her first thought. She had to get out of this. It just wasn't going 
to happen. She was going to leave home. It was the only way. 

That night, after finishing her first day at school, she went up to her
room. She had a plan and all she had to do was think it out. She was 
going back to where she lived before, with her mum and dad. She was 
hoping to stay with one of her friends, who just happened to have her 
own flat. 

While in her bedroom, she phoned her friend up on her mobile. 

践i, Vikki, it's me,' she said, after Vikki had answered her phone. 

全o, how's it going?' Vikki asked. 

選t ain't. I hate it here. Can I come and stay with you?' 

前h, I don't know. It's a bit awkward at the moment.' 

Ellie didn't like the sound of that. Vikki said she'd think about it,
then let her know, but Ellie had a better idea - one that was going to 

Next day, Ellie got out of bed, but it wasn't school she was thinking of
going to, it was back home, and hopefully, Vikki's flat. She knew if 
she just turned up that her best friend would let her stay and not make 
her go home. 

Ellie got her stuff together and headed for the railway station. She had
to wait ages for a train, and the fare was going to take all her 
savings up, but she wasn't thinking about that. All she could think 
about was to get away from the town she hated and return home. She knew 
her mum and dad would come looking for her, but she didn't care. 
Nothing in the world was going to drag her back. 

Ellie's train arrived in the station. She looked back anxious as she
boarded the train.  As far as she was concerned there was no going 

Ellie's train arrived at its destination. She got off and made her way
out of the station. 

She spent ages sitting in a nearby cafe, just staring into space as she
sat drinking her coffee. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking 
around, she saw this girl looking at her. Ellie had never seen her 
before in her life. Who was she? And why did she keep staring? 

羨re you all right?' The girl asked, looking so concerned. 

選'm fine. Why shouldn't I be?' Ellie replied  with anger. 

前h, I'm sorry. I was sitting over there waiting for my friend, and I
noticed that you look worried. Why the luggage? Are you leaving home?' 

 I've already left. I left a note for my mum , on the kitchen table.
I'm waiting for my friend to turn up,' Ellie lied. 

銑ook, you can't just wander the streets,' the girl said to her. 舛ome
and stay with me, if you want?' 

腺ut, I don't even know you.' 

選t's Ok, you can trust me.' 

So that is what Ellie did. They walked for what seemed like ages, until
they came to this road, not far from where the canal ran. Ellie knew 
the street well. The primary school was not far away - the one she 
attended when she was younger. There were row after row of houses. It 
was obvious they were either flats or bedsits. Years ago they were 
privately owned, but not any more. 

After going inside, the girls made some hot drinks and some sandwiches.
It seemed on the rough side, but the girl had managed to keep it tidy. 

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