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Be careful What You Wish For (standard:romance, 961 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Feb 18 2020Views/Reads: 190/104Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Zoe fancied this boy, but she was beggining to think she was wasting her time. Then found out there was a party and he was going to be there. All she had to do now was find something to wear. Was she wasting her time going after him? She was about to find

Zoe was fed up. Why did all the boys she liked just happened to have
girlfriends. It wasn't fair. All she wanted was a boyfriend. There was 
on boy – Darren, but for some reason, she thought he was gay. She only 
saw him with other boys. So she asked a friend. 

‘How should I know?' That is what she replied. ‘Oh, come to think of it,
I've never seen him with a girl, only his sister, so maybe he is.' 

Zoe was no wiser. She didn't know what to do. Then she heard there was a
party, and she knew he would be there. So, she asked her friend if she 
would go with her. 

‘Yeah, go on, then. I'll come to the party with you. Then we might find
out if Darren is interested in boys or girls, won't we?' 

‘Yeah, course we will, Claire. He doesn't look gay. Mind you, I haven't
got a problem if he is. It is just that I fancy him and if he is, he 
won't want to go out with me, will he?' 

The night of the party wasn't far away. Zoe was wondering what to wear.
She wanted it to be something special, so she went looking in the shop 
windows in town. She spent a long time just walking around from one 
shop to another in the high street. She just couldn't make her mind up, 
so she went to the shopping centre on the other side of town. It had 
only just opened. There was  bound to be the odd bargain. After all, 
she didn't have much money to spare, so she had to make every penny 

While in the shopping centre, she was convinced she saw someone she
knew. It looked just like him. It had to be him. So she made her way up 
to him and tapped him on the shoulder. 

‘Hi,' he said to her after turning around. 

‘Hi, Darren. Are you going to the party tomorrow night?' 

‘Yeah, are you? I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun. I haven't
been to a party for ages. Hey, fancy a coffee?' 

Zoe looked at him. He was asking her to go for a coffee. At least that
was a start. 

They spent ages just chatting and talking as thy sat drinking their
coffee. She thought he seemed fun. He certainly made her laugh. She 
hadn't had such a laugh in ages. She just kept wondering what would 
happen on the night of the party. Would they end up just being good 
friends? That was the last thing she needed. 

After leaving the café, she said goodbye to Darren and that she would
see him at the party. She couldn't wait. But she still had to find 
something to wear, then she saw something in a charity shop window. It 
was only eight pounds. Where would you get a dress like that for eight 
pounds? It was perfect. She just had to go inside and try it on. And it 
is what she did. And she found out it was a perfect fit. 

The night of the party arrived, and Zoe went to get herself ready. She
couldn't wait. She was so looking to the party and to seeing Darren. 
She liked him so much. 

When Claire called for her, she grabbed her bag and made her way to the

‘You, looking forward to it?' she asked Claire. 

‘Yeah, course I am. Where did you get that dress? You look amazing.' 

‘Out of a charity shop for eight quid. Not bad, hey?' 

‘Eight quid. You are winding me up. You can't get a dress like that for
eight quid.' 

‘Well, I did. I've even got a receipt to prove it, if you don't believe

‘I believe you.' 

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