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Pride Comes Before A Fall (standard:romance, 967 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Feb 22 2020Views/Reads: 170/80Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mia breaks up for the school holidays and finds that she is bored. Then someone offers her a job - one she isn't going to forget easily.

Mia had just broken up from school for the summer holidays, and she was
bored. She had a full six weeks to do nothing in. How she wished she 
could find a job for the summer, but it just wasn't happening, till she 
saw a friend. 

‘Hi, Mia. What you up to?' 

‘Nothing, why?' 

‘Gonna come and help us for the summer?' 

‘What, at the riding stables?' 

‘Yeah. There's a job going there. I'll put a good word in for you.' 

Mia went home, still in shock. A riding stables would be a good place to
spend the school holidays. She couldn't wait, and she couldn't wait to 
tell her mum, who would be pleased. At least she would have something 
to occupy her mind, and not be hanging around the house all day, or 
spending time hanging around the bus shelter with some of her strange 
friends – the ones she tended to hang around with when she had nothing 
better to do. 

Mia went for the interview at the stables and she was offered a job for
the summer. The owner was overwhelmed by her enthusiasm, even if she 
couldn't ride a horse. Anyway, she could soon learn, and that is what 
she intended to do, and she'd be making some money. OK, it wouldn't be 
a lot, but a least she could start saving some of it. 

The night before Mia was to start at the stables, she was hit by nerves.
She had butterflies in her stomach. The excitement was just getting too 
much for her. She couldn't even eat her tea. Food was the last thing on 
her mind. She just wanted the day to end and the next one to start. Her 
mind was racing away with the things she could get up to at the stables 
and learning to ride was one of them. 

Next morning, she woke; got up and threw back the curtains. The sun was
shining through. She knew it was going to be a glorious day, and the 
last thing she wanted was rain. 

Mia got down the stairs and managed to eat some breakfast – that was
different from the night before, when she hadn't touched a thing. She 
had to get the dog to help [ her out; he ended up eating her tea, which 
didn't impress her mum, who said it was so wasteful giving it to the 
dog. Mind you, the dog didn't complain. 

Mia left the house and waiting for her was her friend Rosie – the one
who had got her the job at the kennels. They only lived a few streets 
from each other. 

‘You, OK, Rosie?' 

‘Yeah, I'm fine. Looking forward to your new job then?' 

‘Yeah, can't wait. Beats hanging around here with nothing to do.' 

They made for the bus stop. They had a twenty-minute ride on the bus to
look forward to. Mia couldn't wait to get to the stables. She  even 
couldn't wait to get on a horse. 

When the two girls got to the stables, Mia was expecting an easy day.
She thought it was going to be fun, but it was far from fun. She spent 
most of the day mucking out the stables. She felt like giving it up as 
a bad job and making her way home, but she wasn't giving up that easy. 

It was about a week before Mia was allowed on a horse, then it took her
a long time to get used to riding one. Then she was allowed to ride 
with the others when they went out exercising the horses. Then one day 
she was allowed to go out on her own. 

One day while she was making her way down towards the river, she noticed
this boy out fishing. He was so cute. She couldn't keep her eyes off 
him. She rode slowly past him. He still took no notice. Then she 
started to get the horse to gallop. Next thing she woke up finding 
someone staring down at her. 

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