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It's funny How Things Work Out (standard:romance, 831 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Mar 17 2020Views/Reads: 167/88Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Amy is working through her school holidays. Everything is going fine, until her boyfriend decides to go on holiday with his family. Then things improve when she meets Callum, but things don't work out how they are supposed to.

It had been an amazing summer. Amy had been going out with this boy
she'd been working with through the school holidays, but with only a 
few weeks remaining till the new school term was about to begin, he had 
gone away with his family to Egypt. She felt unhappy and sad, spending 
her nights alone, just listening to music. She didn't even want to go 
out with her friends after her shifts had finished. But then things 
started to improve when she saw Callum; with his deep-blue eyes and 
blond hair he was so good looking, but the only problem was that the 
other girls she worked with just wouldn't leave him alone. Then one 
night while walking home, she heard: 

‘You OK?' as he drew up alongside of her. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine,' she answered, trying to play it cool. He may have had
all the girls running after him, but she wasn't going to be one of 

‘What do you do after you have got home from work and had your tea?' He
asked her with a quizzical expression. 

‘Watch telly or wash my hair. What about you?' 

‘Usually hang around with my mates, but tomorrow night I fancy going to
the cinema.  Do you want to come with us?' 

‘Oh, I don't know. I'm Supposed to be meeting a friend tomorrow. Tell
you what, I'll let you know at work at work if I can make it'. She was 
going to play-hard-to-get. She wasn't giving in that easy. Why should 
she? If he wanted to go out with her, she wasn't going to make it easy 
for him. She was going to make him sweat. 

The next day arrived and Amy got to work, and there he was - as good
looking as ever. She was going to give him his answer. 

‘Sorry, I can't make it tonight. My friend is calling for me. We are
going to a restaurant for the evening,' she lied. 

That night she lay on her bed plotting her next move. What was she going
to do? Then she had an idea and she was going to put it into practice 
the next day. It was bound to work, most of her plans did. She hated 

Next day she saw him chatting to this girl. She was so envious, then she
saw Tom, who, in the past, she never looked twice at. 

‘Hi, Tom. Still on for the cinema tonight? ‘she said it loud so everyone
could hear. Tom never answered. His face brightened. 

But after a while he went up to her and told her he'd be there. 

That night she met Tom outside the cinema. Then, as they were about to
go inside the cinema callum came up to her. Tom got embarrassed and 
walked off. So, Amy and callum made their way to watch the film. 

‘So, how did you end up wanting to go out with that loser?' Callum asked
as they were about to take their seats 

‘How dare you call him that. Maybe I did ask him out to get at you, but
what right have you to call him a loser?' 

Amy stormed out of the cinema. Fortunately, she knew where Tom lived,
and she managed to catch up with him before he got inside his front 

‘Tom, stop. I want to apologise.' 

‘You only wanted to go out with me to get at Callum. Get lost.' 

‘Oh, Tom, don't be like that. OK, so I did go out with you to get at
Callum, but you are a hundred times the person he is. OK? You can take 
me out again, if you want? And Callum doesn't come into it this time. I 

‘OK, he answered. 

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