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Perfect Timing (standard:romance, 774 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Apr 17 2020Views/Reads: 104/73Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sam was going on a camping holiday with her b her mum and dad she was staying at a friend;s, which wasn't true, but things didn't turn out as they should have.

Sam was so looking forward to the holiday. She was going with her
boyfriend. They were off to a seaside resort called Prestatyn, in 
Wales. They were going camping. There was just one problem – telling 
her parents. She was eighteen. What could they do? Ground her for the 
rest of her life 

The next day in work she saw Mark. She, and Mark, happened to work on
the same factory on the edge of town. She had been there since she had 
left school when she was sixteen. She loved it, especially when mark 
ended up working there. 

‘So, you ready for tomorrow?' she asked him. 

‘Yeah, can't wait.' 

‘You told your parents?' 

‘What do you think? They'd go mad. I've told them I'm staying at

‘What, for the whole weekend?' 

‘Yeah, it'll be fine. Trust me.' 

But Mark felt nervous. He knew her dad, and he didn't have the best of
tempers. He was fearing the worst. He didn't fancy his chances if her 
dad did find out that they had spent the week campin. 

The weekend came and they were due to meet up at the railway station.
She felt so nervous. She was thinking about not turning up. She kept 
thinking about sharing a tent with Mark. 

‘You OK?' she said to him when she saw him at the railway station. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine.' 

‘Come on, our train is coming in.' 

The train slowly pulled into the station as though it had all the time
in the word, giving time for Sam to think if she was doing the right 
thing, but the look on Mark's face was changing her thinking. He looked 
so happy. She had never seen him look happier since she had known him. 

They boarded the train and threw their luggage on to a rack, then just
sat there, neither knowing what to say to each other. 

They arrived at their destination. Fine rain covered the air. It took
ages to find the camp site. Worn out,they started to pitch their tents, 
but Sam was beginning to have second thoughts about the trip. Spending 
the night undercover with Mark. She had never slept with a boy before 
and she was feeling nervous, so she said to him that she was going to 
the shops. He said OK as he was driving a tent peg into the ground. 
While his back was turned, she picked up her holdall and hurried away, 
with the rain getting heavier, she reached for the umbrella in her bag 
and made her way to the station. 

Sam stood on the platform eating a bag of chips from a chip shop she had
passed on her way. 

As she stood there, a girl came up to her and started chatting.  As the
girl was chatting to Sam, she said: 

‘You don't seem very happy. Sure you are OK?' 

‘Yeah, I've just got a bit of boyfriend trouble. That is all.' 

As they bored the train, Sam told the girl what had happened at the camp
site, and about her being at a friend's, well, that is what her dad 

When the train reached its destination, she got off and made her way to
Jennie's. If she went home her dad would start becoming suspicious, 
well, that was what was going around inside her head. 

‘What are you doing here? 'Jennie asked when Sam had knocked on her

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