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Only Time (standard:horror, 1206 words)
Author: CrockerAdded: Jul 29 2001Views/Reads: 1954/1135Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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or hoot at me. 

" Shit, come on," he said, " You must want to do something?" 

"I don't know," I said. 

" How about you Jake?" asked Dillon. Jake was African American. He had a
shaved hair with a little bite of hair underneath his chin. 

" I don't know," he said looking at me then laughing. " But I think I
know what Jen wants to do." 

" And what's that?" I asked looking over at Jake who was trying to hold
back the laughter. 

" You probably want too strip," said Jake. 

" Shut-up Jake," said Dillon who took his eyes off the road. 

" Dillon watch out!" I screamed pointing out the front window. Dillon
quickly looked onto the road, and tried to miss a tall slangy guy in a 
long black drench coat. The man saw the car, but he quickly moved but 
his hand got in the way. The car smashed his hands out of the way, and 
something flew away from him. After to car had came to screeching halt, 
Dillon quickly jammed the car into park and quickly hopped from the 

The man slowly moved his glance from Dillon back to the road and just at
the broken wood all over the ground. Then he took off running. 

" Wait," cried Dillon trying to run after him; but Jake placed a hand on
him and told him to let the man go. 

" Man, I hope he's ok?" I said. 

" Well he looked ok to run off like that," said Dillon. 

" Hey guys look at this," said Jake looking at the wood pieces. We
walked over and saw Jake pick up a half of a face. It looked like it 
belonged to a dummy. 

The face was pale and small. It had so many freckles on it. He looked
familiar. I knew I've seen him somewhere. Then it hit me. It was the 
dummy from last night. 

" Oh, my god," I said backing up and putting my hands up to my mouth.
Sweat began to run down my neck and roll between my breasts. 

" Jennifer what is it?" asked Jake coming over to my side. 

" That's the dummy that was at the dumb show last night," I said. " And
that must be the guy who was at the show last night." 

" Ok, hold on. That's pretty darn creepy if you ask me," said Dillon
running his hands through the garbage that lay spewed out from under 
his car. 

" It is," I said picking up the head and examining it. 

Just then we all heard a high pitch laugh. It seemed to be coming over
from the woods, where the doll master ran off too. I felt the small 
hairs on my back rise up. I began to wonder if it was sweat running 
down my back; for it had began to rain. 

" Come on lets go," said Jake as he lifted his hand and saw it had begun
to rain. 

As I got in the back of the ca and began to get comfortable, I took a
peek out the back window. I looked out and saw this guy sitting on a 
huge boulder sticking out of the earth. At first I didn't think much of 
it, except that his eyes began to glow. His eyes were locked on me. I 
began to feel the humidity in the car rise. He was starring right at 
me. I began to shiver as the car speeded off down the road. 


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