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Original Sin (standard:poetry, 667 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Sep 26 2001Views/Reads: 2785/1861Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The agony of deciding

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I don't know what to do in this situation, 

My heart feels as though it has been clawed. 

The feelings that surround me are so hard to describe, 

They are so confusing I just want to die. 

You give off such an unselfish vibe, 

This gives me wings and allows me to fly. 

With all this taken into consideration, 

I can't understand how I can't even decide. 

Maybe it's desperation, confusion, or infatuation, 

Or maybe to myself, I have just lied. 

My mind is racing I can't get to sleep, 

I stare at the walls so safe and still. 

The problem I have runs much too deep, 

To fix in one night on my window sill. 

I stare up to the stars, 

They twinkle so bright. 

All I want to do, is 

To bring you to sight. 

I drive to your house but I can't go in, 

It's like an invisible shield between you and me. 

It's so quiet you could hear the drop of a pin, 

And all my thoughts are the only things I see. 

I pick up my phone and start to call, 

Not only you but my innermost self. 

I have decided to give it my all. 

If you are surprised, just think of myself. 

We both answer at the same time. 

I stand there speechless you are thinking me crazy. 

Then for no reason nor rhyme, 

The world around me is going all hazy. 

We finally speak and you say come in, 

Staring at each other we think we just might, 

Be together right now and lose sight of the light 

Will we now know the original sin? 

Your love for me embraces, 

With the language of all races, 

The feelings inside 

Are so easy to describe. 

I love you, I want you, I need us to be 

Together, forever, just you and me. 

This is what, I yearned to know, 

Now that it's known we can let our love flow. 

Earlier this night, you let me enter, 

Of my world you are the center. 

Now it is my turn, to let you in. 

Ready or not here it comes, the original sin. 


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