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Waiting at the Gate (standard:drama, 370 words)
Author: crowdogAdded: Nov 27 2001Views/Reads: 2655/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
God and the Archangel Michael discuss the death of a police officer in the line of duty.



"Yes, Michael?" 

"What troubles you so?" 

"Look there. Do you see that man?" 

"Yes, Lord. What is he doing?" 

"He's dying." 

"Was he a soldier? I see he wears a uniform." 

"Of sorts, yes. That badge he's wearing, I remember the first one he put
on. It was many years ago, when he was only a child. That one was just 
a toy." 

"For whom did he fight, Lord?" 

"For many. He stood for those who could not stand for themselves, and
for others not so deserving. The ones that loved him, and the ones that 
did not. In many ways, he and his kind, are like you, Michael." 


"No, but they do battle for good, against the evil that lives there." 

"Why is he dying there all alone?" 

"You see that building there?" 

"Yes, Lord." 

"He answered a call to that building. One of the dark souls, a lost one,
was waiting. The lost one took the life I gave the other and ran away. 
You see, good does not always triumph there." 

"Could you not stand between them, Lord?" 

"I always stand beside him, and those like him, but I do not always
stand between them and the danger that awaits them. That is just the 
way of things." 

"I do not recognize his face, Lord. I do not think I have seen him in
your house to worship." 

"He did not come often, but he spoke to me everyday. He always kept a
place for me in his heart, so I have kept a place for him, here. Him 
and many like him." 

"Tears, Lord? Do you weep for this man's death?" 

"Not for the man, but for his family. See, there, the child asleep in
that bed, and the young woman, and the child that he never knew she 
carries for him. I weep for them, and their life without him." 

"I'm sorry, Lord. Is there something I can do?" 

"Yes. Go and meet him at the gate, and tell him to come see me here. I
have something for him." 

"Yes, Lord, right away." 

"And, Michael." 

"Yes, Lord?" 

"Just wait there, there will be another one along in awhile."


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