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The Booger Man (standard:horror, 2767 words)
Author: crowdogAdded: Nov 29 2001Views/Reads: 2102/1191Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy tormented by a bully finds help in an unlikely place, and pays a dear price later in life.

The Booger Man 

Listen, I think Ive only got a few minutes, so I really need to hurry.
Lord, Ive never told anybody this before. To tell you the truth, I 
never thought anybody would believe me. I mean after all, Im not sure 
I believe it myself. 

Did you hear something? 

Im sorry Im so distracted. I keep looking out the window. What will I
do if I actually see him there? I have never been so scared in my life. 
Its all his fault anyway, that boy, Christopher whatever his last name 
is. Im getting ahead of myself. I just need to calm down and tell this 
story while I can. 

I was a skinny kid. I really didnt get crazy for sports until I got
into high school. In grade school, kids used to pick on me quite a bit. 
I dont guess I really blame them, I mean I was pretty wimpy. The sixth 
grade was the worst of all. There was this boy named Tommy Wheeler, he 
was the school bully. He pounded me on a regular basis. He took my 
lunch money, tripped me in the halls, and generally made my life 
miserable, but not just me. All the kids hated him. 

I just wanted him to stop, to leave me alone. I was tired of being
scared all the time. A kid can only take so much before he starts 
looking for a way to fight back. I was at that stage when the carnival 
came to town. Thats why I did it. I mean, if I had known I would have 
never, even considered. Wait Im getting ahead of myself again. Im 
just so nervous. 

There I was, walking through the carnival looking at all the rides, and
minding my own business when I saw him. The problem was, Tommy saw me 
too. My stomach suddenly wound into a thousand knots. My pockets were 
bulging with all the change that I had just robbed from my piggy bank. 
I had saved all I could for just such an occasion. I was sick at the 
thought of getting another beating, and having my savings taken from 

The second he saw me, he gave me that crooked, evil grin of his. Hey!
He shouted, come here! 

I was terrified! I did what any kid in my shoes would do. I ran. I could
hear his sneakers in the gravel behind me. My one advantage in being 
smaller than Tommy was that I could out run him. I ran back and forth, 
and in and out of the rides and stands until I felt I was far enough 
ahead of him. Then I ducked into one of the tents at the far end of the 
midway. I crouched inside and watched as Tommy ran past. He hadnt seen 

I suddenly realized that I wasnt alone in the dark tent. An old woman
stepped from the far corner, and looked out of the flap. Tommy was 
still making his way back up the midway, looking for me. 

Why do you hide? She said. 

Standing near the entrance, the lights from the rides made it much
easier to make out what she looked like. She looked ancient, but to a 
ten-year-old anyone over thirty looks ancient. Now that I look back on 
it, I guess she was actually somewhere in her late sixties. She wore a 
long, full, colorful dress, and a type of turban hat. She also had one 
very large loop earring in one ear. I knew at once she was a gypsy. 
Back in those days there was always a few gypsies at every carnival, 
fortunetellers mostly. 

You are hiding from this boy? She asked. Why? 

So I dont get beat up. I told her. I asked her if I could stay inside
for a couple of minutes. 

You have no big brother to protect you? She asked. She had a very
thick accent, just like the gypsies Id seen on t.v. 

No, I said. I sat inside the tent and told the old woman about Tommy
and what a bully he was. Not so much because I really wanted her to 
know, but just to have a reason to stay inside the tent, until I was 

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