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A Christmas Wish (standard:romance, 1408 words)
Author: SareAdded: Dec 01 2001Views/Reads: 2685/1882Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A family's hopes to be reunited at Christmas.

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father’s hats from the attic... they’re very funny snowmen.” 

“They’re very funny children, honey.” 

“Yes.  They are very much like you, Rob,” she teased him. 

“Nah, they’re like you, Annie.  Beautiful, funny, and perfect.” 

“How are things going down there?” 

“Not too good.  I’m doing my best but they’re just not willing to
negotiate.  I don’t know, Annie, I’m starting to think I’m not the best 
person for this job.  I just don’t seem to be making any progress.  
It’s been six months and still... nothing.” 

“Honey, you’re the ONLY person for the job.  No one else could even have
kept them at the tables this long.” 

“Annie, they shouldn’t still BE at the tables.  They should have
resolved it by now and I should be at home with you and the children.  
I miss you so bloody much I just want to scream.” 

“Rob...  We miss you too.  So much.  But this is so important, Rob.  And
you know it is.” 

“Did Tim come and help you put up the tree?” he asked suddenly. 

“Yes, he did.  And your box of presents arrived yesterday.” 

“Oh, good.  I mailed it weeks ago.  The postal system here is dreadful. 
Listen, Annie...  I know we’re supposed to.... well, you know.... 
tonight... but I’m so tired.” 

“That’s okay, honey.  Another night.” 

“I want you to turn on the TV after we say goodnight and watch the
eleven o’clock news.  We had no-progress reports today and I was 
interviewed again.” 

“I will, Rob, I promise.” 

“Ok.  Well, I’m going to call tomorrow night before the kids go to
sleep.  I need to remind them all that Santa will be coming straight 
from me to them to deliver their presents.  Is eight o’clock okay?” 

“Yes, honey, that will be fine.”  Anne despised the tremor in her own
voice.  She pushed angrily at the tears on her cheeks.  “I love you, 

“I love you more, Annie.  Turn on the TV, the news will be starting
soon.  I love you more, Annie.  More and more and more.” 

“Goodnight Rob,” she whispered, laying the receiver in its cradle. 

She reached for the remote and turned on the television, still trying to
brush away the last vestiges of tears. 

The screen came to life and the newsanchor’s face filled the picture. 
Anne turned the volume up a little to hear what the reporter was saying 
and only caught the tail end of the brief: “... about the settlement 
talks in Argentina.  The Red Wings beat the Maple Leafs today and we’ll 
have full sports coverage in about twenty minutes.” 

Anne closed her eyes briefly.  It had been a long day and tomorrow would
be even longer, with the children’s excitement over Santa Claus’ 
upcoming visit rising to a fever pitch.  She opened her eyes as the 
advert ended and the newsanchor came back on screen.  In the same 
instant as her eyes processed the words “Agreement reached” printed 
across the screen her ears and every sense within her body dragged her 
attention towards the bedroom door.  Rob stood there, grinning widely, 
cell phone still in hand. 

“I’ve never lied to you before in my life,” he said to her,
misinterpreting the stunned look on her face, “but I didn’t think you 
would mind.” 

“Rob.”  She stared at him, not daring to move in case she was dreaming. 
He slowly approached the bed and sat down beside her.  He trailed his 
fingers gently down her cheek, before pulling her gently to him. 

She wrapped her arms around him and wept gently into his chest.  “I’m so
glad you’re home.” 

He pressed her gently back into the bed and she wrapped her arms around
him even more tightly. 

In the morning the children came in to find them tangled in the bed
together, still holding tightly to each other. 

“Mommy,” whispered Alexandra, “Last night I prayed for Daddy to come

“No, Mommy, I did!” protested Taylor. 

“No, it was me!” shouted Samantha and John together. 

Anne smiled at the children.  “We all did, kids... and our prayer came
true.  It’s like another Christmas present from God, isn’t it?”


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