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Presence (standard:horror, 1001 words)
Author: crowdogAdded: Apr 03 2002Views/Reads: 2053/1218Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A troubled soul finds a kindred spirit.


I climb the stairs of the ancient house, huge, empty, and silent as a
tomb. The cobwebs grow and the dust thickens here, as it does in me. I 
open the doors leading to the balcony that overlooks the huge estate. 
The grounds spread before me, as if reaching for the darkness of the 
trees beyond. It all seems to glow under this pale orb that rules the 

I feel him within me, that demon that is me. He tricks me, brings me
here when the night is long and my will is weak. He struggles 
relentlessly, hatefully to be free. I will not let him. I will not give 
in to the hunger. 

The wind brushes gently across my skin, and it is then, that I hear your
song. The low, quiet mantra stirs my blood. It floats along, carried on 
the breeze. He hears it also, and tells me that I am a hollow shell, a 
rusty trap that cannot hold him. The low melody of your music awakens 
the hunger. It flares hot within me, bright, fierce and beautiful. 

I feel you, but I will not go. 

Years the hunger has lain hidden, and now, I know that you are near. I
know my fiery thirst can be quenched, my hunger satisfied, but in doing 
so I would damn you to the same half-life that imprisons me. Yet, the 
hunger grows, and still he struggles for freedom. 

No! Not this way. 

Another breeze brings your sweet song to me again, and I know that I
must go. Finally, I am unable to resist. Leaping, I sail upon the same 
breeze that brings your song to me. It leads me as the scent leads the 
wolf to its prey. Gliding on ancient wings I search. The land rolls 
beneath me, gray, ashen with the pallid light of the moon. 

Your song is stronger now. It beckons me come. How long I have traveled
I do not know, but now it does not matter. You are there, below me in 
the meadow. The trees surround you as if Mother Earth herself has 
stretched out her arms to protect you. 

My feet meet earth and now I see clearly. Just a few feet from me, I
could reach out and claim you. Muscles strain and hunger grows, but I 
will not move. I will not shatter this fragile memory. I will not leap. 
I will not force my will upon you. I will not, must not give in to the 
hunger. I should flee before you turn and see me this way. 

Flee now, before it is too late. 

My mind, filled with the haze of memory, plays tricks with my eyes. Your
chestnut hair moves as if dancing with the breeze, and then falls along 
the graceful curve of your back. The silky white of your shroud teases 
me by revealing the shape of your body beneath, so fragile a vault to 
contain so glorious a treasure. 

I will but touch you, only once. 

Moving forward, I reach out. My fingers encircled by gentle twines of
your hair. Yet, you do not shrink from my touch. You do not cower in 
fear, and you do not turn. My fingertips find the lobe of your ear, 
then the soft, smooth flesh of your neck. With that touch he moves 
within me. 

Now! Obey! Take this soul as your own! 

I brace every muscle against his savage will. My teeth clench and razors
cut at my cheeks. I taste my own blood within my mouth, and fight to 
strengthen my own will. I will not let him win. I will not destroy this 
wondrous creature. 

It is then that you move. The wind sweeps your hair across my face and
lips as you turn, and your sweet scent caresses my face. I am startled 
that I have moved so close to you, and I raise my hands to show I will 
not harm you. I see no surprise, no fear in your eyes, only their deep 
emerald as the emerald of the sea, and I long to know the soul behind 

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